Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Problem with the RoadMap is it has No Shoulder! by Evelyn Hayes
Problem with the RoadMap is it has No Shoulder, No Leaders, NoHeadlights and Rearview Mirror. The Oslo roadmaps & walls exclude shoulders, buffers, signals and responsibility. Without Gush Katif, buffer and Jewish rights to life and land, Sderot and Ashkelon are bombed. Would they remove more buffers and Jewish facts of settlement as the landscape of jihad is rising without rights and against realities? The pathways of appeasement drive hate to peddle death. Walls for a hate state solution dissolve Israel's borders for the pan-jihad unnation, speeding in for a suicide kill. Pan-Jihad has moved in, over and above. When accidents happen, caution is a normal motion. When jihad is appeased, it's not accidents but purpose that tickets another final solution endangering 6,000,000 again and Israel, Jews worldwide, America and all dhimmis. Considering the Winograd Commission faults lack of shoulders of the leadership and unilateralism without proper consultations, disengagement and incompetence, it is time to re-engage with shoulders, holding hands, history, Bible in unity, one nation, one land, holy and secure. Blockades are in front of Jerusalem shuls as the roadmap is an "idol", ignoring truth & consequences. Warlords have green light not HASHEM. How long with the pathways of lives be shortened as the gates for those who deal in evil are widened?

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