Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Turning Darkness into His Light - Tehillim Therapy #57© July 4, 2011

(c) July 4, 2011

I plea to be spared more distress

as those who steal

have no shame to lie

as the magnitude of the pain they cause is not comprehended

and the damages are ignored

the twisting of my days

the destroying of my nights

all for their personal gain, no matter the crime,

because of their assumed status, their costume.

Favor me, O L-rd.

Eradicate evil and all its pain.

Replace it with good

in the merit of those who serve You not for themselves

but for the betterment of Klal Yisrael

for truth

seeking justice and peace

with kindness and love.

Comfort me who suffers and only believes in Your ways of Derech Eretz

as lived by the Matriarchs and Patriarchs,

our role models,

for the good of the world You created and saw it was good.

Have mercy, O L-rd.

Disconnect me from the horrors of evil men

who only believe in themselves

choosing untruths above your basic laws

no matter who they harm.

Their tongues are so crooked , a shell for their crimes.

Protect me from their victimizations and the silence of the masses

who do not risk getting involved

thus compounding the crime,

thus bowing to please the unjust.

My soul and heart seek the comfort of Mother Rachel

to whom You promised her tears to be rewarded.

Too long, I am suffocating by the abuse of the crooked,

the lack of involvement and appeasement of the masses.

I am crying sleepless in the night, blurry eyed in the dawn,

tired during the day, a victim of the takers and their untruths,

the time it takes to rectify, losing my youth, my health and pleasant innocence.

but my heart is steadfast and believes in Your kindness,

and that truth will prevail;

Let it be soon.

Let my enemies be eradicated, ensnared in their own traps.

Let my anguish be replaced with the rest of my years

in the embrace of the good You created and blessed,

harvesting for Your will that will bring Your people back to Gan Eden

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Plagues Here, Plagues There, 2011",

Plagues Here. Plagues There, 2011"

(c) April 13, 2011

by Evelyn Hayes,

Author of the Plague Series because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable

It is just 10 years since terror went through the 101st floor

and knocked the Twin Towers down like a deck of cards;

yet, the hearts of the world are softened again

for more and more and more...

Why such liberalism?

Blood is plague one for Jews, Coptics, Africans, Buddhists, Hindus

even Arabs as the armada is spread by Haman'jihad of Iran

the one in this generation who would destroy His world,

your world, their worlds because of softness,

loftiness that only some have purple blood and red gets dead ...

Frogs are plague two as firemen and service me and bankers and bakers and

media men leap to the demands

of those demanding Our World disordered.

Vermin are plague three and the flotillas are just barging along

delivering weapons for massive destructions

by air, land, sea and tunnels

flying, marchin, sailing and crawling,

drugged to the tune of a tsunami of oil gougers in league with the lawless.

Beep your horn louder; Staying still costs!

Pestilence are plague four, and there's not just germ warfare;

it's nuclear threats and thrashes and earthshakes

and some skins do not even cringe as Durban is re-happening.

Yes, that same Durban dashed to ashes on 9/11.

Boils are the bursts from embroilments and deaths so soon forgotten

causing more deaths in a slow war spreading fast

with revolutions in Egypt and Libya, and, and, and...

Hail are the missiles growing in sizes and capacities;

long range, short range, surface to air, ground to grind-

that are raining by the hundreds of hundreds

on Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, even Beersheva and threatening Tel Aviv

that even crashed a Seder in Yad Mordechai and Netanya, too - remember?

Locusts are feeding off the news that that victims are victimizing

as UNESCO calls Ima Rachel's tomb a mosque.

With a name change here like a name change for the People of the Book,

the People of the Land, Jews of Judea,

Mount Zion of the Zionists, Hebron, Joseph's Tomb, David's Tomb.

synagogues, churches, any dhimmi place to be chewed up and dumped,

turnspeaked to give a voice to evil and upheaval.

The disease is a Big Hate with a Big Lie and a Great Darkness

when far sight isn't foresight

like remembering the Holocaust and not connecting the dots:

Haj al Husseini of the 1929 massacres... Hitler and the breaking of glass, gassing and burning and mass graving...Haman'jihad, Havez...hell...

Gassed babies slid down the shoots for their mothers to bury,

decapitated babies, shot in car seats and as fetuses in their mother's wombs.

Remember the Egyptians who emured babies by cementing them into pyramids,

the Mohammedans who chopped to pieces Asma bas Marwan of Medina

while she in her tent was nursing her baby.

When blindness is a disconnection of visions and decisions

as the first civillized nation of Israel lets Hashem be taken out of Abraham

and lets Ibraim rant and rave and enslave all the peoples

for petro-cost and immobility and toil and terror.

As they attack the firstborn, Israel, the good ideologies...

As the blossoms are reborn in spring:

Revival is a sign of survival.

So it's time to shout for the acceptable, the gifts of Hashem

and split the ravages of travesties, eliminate tragedies,

choose the rod of the Creator

and whack off the head of the snake that beheads babies, misleaders and fools

and follow the path of our Forefathers

and treasure what they found.

The routes of the past are the roots of the future.

It's time to say yes to Jerusalem, Hebron, Beis Lechem, Itamar, Shiloh, Gamla and Susiya.

It's time to say yes, and choose the ways of G-d,

here, there, everywhere.

His lease is a lasso for unity and community,

multiplication of justification for The Just.

His lease is a testimony for triump, life and liberty with Truth and Torah.

His lease is His will, an eternal birthright for those with mezuzzahs on their doorposts.

This year for Hashem, Jerusalem, Israel