Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From Concept to Conception By Evelyn Hayes (c) February 19, 2013

From Concept to Conception
By Evelyn Hayes
(c) February 19, 2013

A disunity among disunities
Chaos without clarity
Clashing, trashing, crashing, mashing
Mind and Matter
Bits and Pieces
Finds and Refinements
Worries and Discoverings

A flood of happenings fertilizing a wasteland;
Meaning from meaninglessness
Learning from the bitter taste of hostility and haste
Building from the disability of dis-enablement

A blossom from wretchedness
And a desire to pass the test
Of making the detestable acceptable
In another form,
A pleasant form
A fertile form
A weeding form using seeds and sense
To defend the defiled

A protrusion from erosion, corruption and corrosion
A rectification by right of wrong
Barrenness cracked open
Hacked and hoed, birthing and growing
Blossoming into a beginning
Ending all the endings
Fixing broken hearts and sad souls
From dead ends

To turning the bend
And extending lost starts,
Over tossed,
Failing all of us
The ailing caused by take and unmake

A conception, rebirth, un-skinning the schemers
Replacing schemes with dreams,
the ancient dreams that did not die
though killed, unfulfilled,
only to be reborn
by the stubbornness of trying again
because Hashem’s way is the winning way for life’s sake.

From Concept to Conception
For Eternity
Risen and rising
Raising all the impossibilities to the possible
Because the heavens and earth
Mind and body
Mental and physical
Are a unification for unity
With purity and perfection for all
According to the directions of The Director,
His theme and us, His team
Harvesting His concepts into His conception
Generating Genesis.