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Parasha Poetry NASSO, Theft and Swearing Falsely; Repayment and Confession ©by Evelyn Haies, June 15, 2016

Parasha Poetry NASSO, Theft and Swearing Falsely; Repayment and Confession
©by Evelyn Haies, June 15, 2016
“Financial treachery toward a fellow Jew is tantamount to treachery against GOD HIMSELF, for HE defends the defenseless”
“The sin of swearing falsely blemishes the soul and…
effects not only the sinner himself but the entire nation.”

Imagine simple people doing simple things
Learning, earning, yearning for what their effort brings
Imagine working, achieving and meriting
And then the victim of coveting.
A righteous woman living in a world of sin and strife
Was told she would bear a heroic son to bring joy to her life
But there were to be stringencies
No hair cutting, drinking wine, leniencies.
With strength of body and mind
To the Philistines this son wasn’t kind
He was a Nazirite to fix the world
But was seduced and all unfurled.
Imagine regretting people professing guilt;
Confessing, repenting, damages rebuilt
Imagine atonement for the sake of HASHEM
So a renewed harmony is begotten.
Rectification was an action for restitution
And the simple people recaptured their upward direction
The pain of their losses and delusions were relieved;
With righteousness Gan Eden was to be re-achieved.
Abstinence was the manner demanded of Samson
And because of it he won
But when he succumbed to his seducer
To treachery, snakery, he did defer.
Delilah, the jealous, the liar, the thief
All their immoral antics bring grief
Going off the derech brings misery with disorder
HASHEM created a wonderful world when there is HIS law and order

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                                             By Evelyn Haies  ©MAY 30 2016 facebook/

               “If you will follow MY decrees and observe all MY commandments and perform them, I will provide you rains in their time, and the land will give its produce and the tree of the field will give its fruit.”
               “I will bring weakness into their hearts in the  lands of their foes; the sound of a rustling leaf will pursue them; they will flee as one flees the sword and they will fall without a pursuer.”

HASHEM was a GOD unto Avraham Avinu who walked away from evil
A place where abuse, idolatry, immorality, bloodshed caused upheaval.

They were a people who cast aside all that was right and continued to do wrong
Noach built an ark forecasting flood and doom because perversion, coercion, mutilation, murder did not belong

It was when the Romans changed the name of Israel to Palestine after the invaders from the north
To confuse the Jews about HIS land and steal their inheritance so Jews would not go forth.

It was when they did not follow HIS commandments, instead of blessings they suffered curses
It was because they did not obey, observe, perform, relate to HIS holy verses

Instead of dwelling securely in HIS land of bounty and beauty
Not studying Torah, performing commandments, doing their duty,

Hating sages, preventing their observances, denying GOD, national apathy
Because of such sins HASHEM had no sympathy.

They were plagued by lesions, illness, frustration, no fruits of their labor
They were struck down before the enemy, subjugated, in disfavor,

Without teshuva, they suffered the destruction of the holy Temple, barrenness;
The land of milk and honey filled with wild beasts, poisonous snakes, nothingness.

Ceasing to be the servants of GOD they bowed to foreign idols and knew great despair
From being proud children of HASHEM they cowered in the cities of others in fear.

Ignoring HIS glory, they were apathetic,
Their suffering was because they became heretics

Compromise did not ease the magnitude of HIS punishments
It was with sanctification that they would redeem HASHEM’s embellishments

Yirmiyahu, prophet of the destruction, is the prophet of HASHEM’S message
Hope and faith bring consolation and with HIS living waters give HIS children passage.

Amassing wealth and fame without truth, justice and kindness Is bereft: a mindlessness, an emptiness,

Return to HIS secure and settled peaceful borders requires self affirmation, righteousness; merits blessedness.

Tehillim 67 read between Pesach and Shavous Shabbat Shalom, Shavous Sameach

Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation 
Published by Evelyn Haies ·©June 10, 2016

Tehillim 67 read between Pesach and Shavous
Shabbat Shalom, Shavous Sameach

Dear GD spread Your divine light
Wipe out all evil and blight
Shine the way 
As we continue to pray
Deliver to all
Your heavenly call 
so there is justice on earth:
song, laughter and mirth.
Bless us with fruits,
produce from sturdy roots
in our Holy Land
as HASHEM planned 
We will thank You
and be true
and the whole world will know 
only the goodness that You show
Dear GD extend Your divine light
Make Your earth a heavenly delight
Shine the way
as we pray
No more sin
Please stop evil and win. 
Put an end to the wicked and their wickedness
Let there be justice, kindness, blessedness
Dear GD there is no peace 
if war and misdeeds don't cease
Dear GD, stop our fears,
Answer our prayers. 
Dear GD, stop all madness.
Let us only know gladness. 
Let us sing for there is an end to wrong. 
Let us sing YOU a thankful song