Saturday, January 30, 2016

Parasha Poetry Yitro: Yitro Saw; Yitro Heard

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Published by Evelyn HayesYesterday at 3:00am
By Evelyn Haies,
January 27, 2016
Author of the Plague Series, because their hearts are softened to accept the Unacceptable.
Yitro saw
He saw the Jews set free
The splitting of the sea
Yitro heard
He heard the words of the LRD
HIS heavenly accord
Yitro recognized the truth
Honesty, humility, unity, charity
He disregarded the uncouth
No thievery, gossip, slander, covetry
Yitro was GDfearing
No idolatry, adultery, bigotry.
He was daring
He dared to put the nation’s health above self and wealth.
Yitro was caring
Respected fathers, mothers, brothers
He rejected flattery, bribery, slavery to the upper classes.
He offered a system of justice for all as significant others.
Yitro protected Bnei HASHEM with the laws of Sinai.
Yitro judged; he would not be budged by lies.
He enabled Moshe to see the facts and be wise
So the nations in holiness would rise
He saw through all the illusions
Acted against delusions and confusions.
Yitro understood what to stress,
Professing Torah is a test against wickedness.
Accepting what HASHEM revealed
Israel’s nationhood would be sealed
Accepting unity with humility,
Not the futility of me-ism, my-ism, division, omission, revisionism
There was no excuse for conceit, deceit
Hierarchy was a path to anarchy.
Yitro saw; he saw the hand of GD
He chose this derech to defeat the cheat
Yitro saw truth as the cure
Yitro heard, demanded all be pure.
Yitro saw; Yitro heard; accepted GD”s word;
Torah is the cure. Torah must be law.
Yitro saw! Yitro heard!
See. Hear