Monday, September 7, 2009

It's not political; it's Biblical, it's Torah it's Truth

It's not political; it's Biblical, it's Torah, it's Truth.
by Evelyn Hayes
(c)Ki Savo,5769; September 6, 2009

As I sat at the Shabbos table in a crowded over the green line 4 bedroom home in the Jerusalem line well established neighborhood where barefoot kids filled all the space between a hill of cottages, just east of a hill of apartment houses, east of Meah Shearim, South of Ramat Eshkol, North of Nissan Bak,I laughed, " Am I being political attending Shabbos lunch with all the ruach, all the guests - students, neighbors, rabbis, homeowners, listeners, givers of dvar torahs? It isn't political to spend Shabbos in Jerusalem, open house, good kosher food and wonderful ruach." It is like it is meant to be. It is beautiful. It was experiencing the hacnoses orchin of Avrahma Avinu of 4000 years ago and Harav Aryeh Levin in the early 1900s.

And then I thought of the parasha, Ki Savo. I was just on Har Bracha having lunch with former Governor Mike Huckabee, the mayor and rabbi of the town and so many normal looking and responsible guests from the neighborhood and other neighborhoods. As we stood over the billows of smoke coming from an Arab town below, we looked at the mountain-scape dotted with Jewish neighborhoods. We looked at Mount Grissim, green as in Biblical times. We looked at Mt Eval, bare since Biblical Times. It's not political to be a Jew looking from a Jewish restaurant across from ancient Bible described Jewish hills, just as they were as described in this week’s parasha.Just where Joshua blew the shofar and Yosef Hazaddik was buried in Schem, bought by Yaakov.

I was standing on the Mount of Olives and looking at the Har Bayit. Such ruach. Such a reality. It's not political. It's Biblical, Torah, the Jewish essence, heart and soul.

I has at the Davidson Center re-absorbing so much Jewish history of when our people were there. It is political to say we were not there. It is not political to be here and connect to our Jewish roots. the southern excavation revealed the truth of our ancient books and histories.

I attended a cocktail party at the Shepherd Hotel, so close to the Tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik who was so respected in his time. Foreigners speaking English were shouting, "Go Home! Go Home!" Mike Huckabee emphasized that in America like Israel there was Democracy; free speech was allowed. I beamed, "I am home. We are home. So many were speaking our ancient tongue, Hebrew, in Jerusalem. It felt so beautiful and peaceful to share a peaceful Jerusalem evening with friends. It wasn't political. It was normal. And the food from Eretz Hakodesh was so good; nowhere do vegetables and fruits taste like in Israel. Some of the guests were from the destroyed Gush Katif hwere Jews lived at the time of King Solomon and Yisrael ben Moshe of Najara. Yes, their vegetables were better and bugfree.

I was in Maale Adumin where the Mayor and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee posed against the once barren landscape on the road to the Dead Sea. The landscape was invaded with windowless Arab housing built with foreign money and making a political claim. We weren't being political. The mayor was showing off a city that grew from the desert and was home to so many Jewish middle class families, all benefitting their society and the world.

I was in Beit El on a tower looking down on where Yaakov fought with the angel. He overcame that which would have compromised his Jewish neshama and he won. Limping from the incident, he merited to become Israel. He won the battle over evil, just down below from the Biblical town of Beit El.

It felt so good to be in touch with our Biblical Homeland, from hill to harvested hill. It felt so good to be alive with the living Torah. My heart and soul were filled with the everlasting expression of Gd's creation, good for good. The blessing was his creation and the miracle that Jews again have ceased to sojourn in foreign lands. We were settled in our homeland. It was not political. It was the fulfillment of Gd's prophesy. We were no longer wandering Jews, blood libeled and cursed. It was Shavu Banim L'Gvulum.
It was not political. It was a blessing. It was Biblical. Jews were in the land of their prophets and the good prophesies were being fulfilled. It was such a light; a miracle for all. It was an experience of such perfection. A blessing from time immemorial.