Wednesday, May 4, 2016

PARASHA POETRY ACHAREI MOT: Enthusiasm of the Superior versus Humility of the Sacred © May 2, 2016 by Evelyn Haies,

PARASHA POETRY ACHAREI MOT: Enthusiasm of the Superior versus Humility of the Sacred
© May 2, 2016 by Evelyn Haies, author of the Plague Series because hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable
“The corruption of the best things produce the worst.” David Hume
“…and thy children shall return to their own borders.” Yirmiyahu 31

From slavery to independence
To tyranny by self importance
The zealot’s false merit transgresses
Because with himself he obsesses.

Yom Kippur is a day of atonement for the soul
For the errors of the sons of the Kohain Gadol,
Romancing with enthusiasm they were punished at the Sanctuary
Teaching a lasting lesson that the commandments of HASHEM are mandatory.

Extremism was an agenda without caution
Supporting a proposition of distortion
Contempt of the masses is disdain for the LORD
Ignoring HIS laws and instilling disaccord.

Retribution is a holy solution
To stop the scapegoating violating HIS resolution
Rebellion is an abomination ,
Immoral, subversive, a perversion of valuation .

HASHEM’s authority is a declaration against the forbidden
HIS rules and regulations are judgments’ true din
Remember, the Torah was given at Sinai
To deny the Mountain of my

Humility is the garment weighted with pomegranates and bells
Emphasizing dignity and the midrashim that tells
The stories of the Bible as testament against babble
And all the holiness that is a monument against the terrible.

As Rachel cries for her children suffering in exile
Because of jealousy, corruption, nullification and trial
Mother Rachel is rewarded for caring and daring to cry
And HASHEM promises to pacify and rectify

HE succumbs to her earnest appeal not for herself but all the Innocent children
And all the brothers and sisters united who were victims
Of those with the symptoms of imposters
Posing as lords when misleading the rosters

It was Yosef’s brothers, Shaul and misguided others
Whose object was not to uplift but to smother
It is Yosef’s rationality that calmed the messed up destiny
It is David’s psalms to ameliorate for a kingdom of harmony.

From despair to repair with kindness and love,
From exile to a return to The Land of the One Above.
Appreciation of the little things achieves the best.
Following HASHEM, the true leader passes the test

There are 613 mitzvahs, a pomegranate full
Observance is what makes HIS world wonderful
HIS land is our humble home

When HIS borders are respected as our own.