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ZACHOR! REMEMBER TO NOT FORGET by Evelyn Hayes author of the Plague Series because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable

Remember to Not Forget
Forgotten Things--Remember Them!
by Evelyn Hayes
Do you remember there were 200 families living in Muswara before the 1929 massacre? Muswara is now an Arab parking lot. There is probably a great deal more that you don't remember. Read on.

Do you remember, the Patriarch Abraham, Avraham Aviinu, bought The Cave for the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron ?
Do you remember the British embargo during WWI and that half the Jewish population of Jerusalem died for lack of food and medic
When? Why?
And he buried his wife Sarah there.
Do you remember, the Patriarch Jacob, Yaakov Aviinu, bought Shechem (Nablus)?
When?  Why?
And Joseph, Yosef Hatzaddik, is buried there.
Do you remember King David, David HaMelech, bought the Temple Mount before he conquered Jerusalem?
When?  Why?
Do you remember the Matriarch, Rachel, Rachel Imeinu, was buried "on the way" to Efrata which was in Bethlehem, Beit Lechem, which was in Israel where she gave birth to Benyamin and the Bible says "stones were placed on her grave and it is a monument known until this day"?
Do you remember Jacob, Yaakov, pleaded with his son Joseph, Yosef, to bury his bones in Hevron because it is in Israel?

Do you remember Sir Moses Montefiore bought Ramgate in 1831 and hence Jews could own land in Britain ending the Anti-Jewish land laws?
He repaired and added a room to Rachel's Tomb in 1841.
In his diary it states there were three yeshivas in Hebron in 1865 and there were 489 inhabitants.
In 1891 Hadassah Hospital in Hebron served the majority of Jews as well as Arabs?
Why won't you remember?
Because you don't remember there is unnaturally limited growth limiting a nation who had a third lost to the Holocaust, and more lost to the Inquisition, Crusades, invaders, pogroms, massacres and haters.

Do you remember there were 200 families living in Muswara  before the 1929 massacre? Muswara  is now an Arab parking lot.
Do you remember 67 Jews were slaughtered in Hevron in1929 where the father of the astronaut Dr. Judith Resnick studied?
Why won't you remember even as there are survivors (who were protected by their mothers' dying bodies) still alive?

Do you remember the Romans changed the name of Jerusalem to Aeitola Capitolina, but we didn't accept the change?

Do you remember the Romans changed the name of Judea, Samaria, Israel to Palestine after the Philistines who are a dead race to confuse us?
Why are you confused by the facts or are you ashamed that we survive and are 6,000,000 and growing  again in Israel?

Do you remember Mahmoud Abbas alias Abu Mazen, wrote a doctoral thesis denying the Holocaust?
Do you believe this Holocaust denier claimed  Rachel's Tomb is a mosque on Halloween and UNESCO validated the Big Lie masked by the Big Liar?
A lie substantiated by a non fact is a lie.

Do you remember when Oslo II, 1995 was signed on The Whitehouse Lawn and PM Rabin refused to come out until the Amendment to protect 29 Jewish Holy Sites was added. This amendment to keep Rachel's Tomb, Hevron's Maarat HaMachpelah, The Tomb of Josef and Shalom Synagogue forever under Israeli control was signed by PA  Arafat, Pres. Clinton (Hillary's husband) and PM Rabin and was reported on the front page in The New York Times?
Why are you forgetting and letting history be rewritten according to the dictates of Mein Kampf.'s rip-map?

Do you remember in the 19th century, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher bought the property across from Rachel's Tomb with the pennies of those who could not afford to come to Israel and this memorial may  be their only legacy for their generations murdered in the Holocaust, and it is outside the wall built in the middle of the street even though recorded by The Israel Land Authority.

Do you remember the 1917 Balfour Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine included Jordan.for the Arabs which is 78% of the Mandate..
Do you hear that they only want 22%?

Do you know that by ignoring the Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine the custodian , Britain, denied Jews their right to leave Europe in WWII and sacrificed their very lives
Do you remember that they hanged our beautiful youth who wanted to save their brethren in their mandated land?
Do you remember the British embargo during WWI and that half the Jewish population of Jerusalem died for lack of food and medicine?
How can you forget to remember that there were Jews in Jerusalem lost to the failure of others when they were weak and losing now to  failure by  self denial when they are strong?

Do you know that America is proud of its 400 year old settlement of Jamestown 1607 - 2007?
Why should PM Netanyahu negotiate 4000 years of Jewish truth for the Big Lies of the Holocaust denier?
Negotiating on forgotten handshakes is causing Israel to be forgotten piece my piece, layer by layer.

Rebuilding is remembering and re-in-stating.

As the enemy of truth and Israel removes the facts under the ground, Netanyahu must respect Hevron, the resettlers; the Gush, the resettlers, Ramot, Jerusalem, the resettlements. He must refrain from compromising truth, justice and Jewish rights to their property in their Homeland.

As Israel had legal validation, not remembering is forgetting the responsibility of an elected official who was selected to remember.
Netanyahu must be kept from going backward, forgetting the past and botching the future.

Of course, Israel will survive the evil empires of today because of the settlements:
Abraham was told not to wander, to settle the land HaShem gave him for his Jewish descendants.
It is natural growth to rebuild what all the vanishing empires tried to vanquish.

Let our people re-build. We are forever. Remember to not forget.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rosh Chodesh Adar 5775, February 19, 2015 at Kever Rachel

Rosh Chodesh Adar 5775, February 19, 2015 at Kever Rachel
By Evelyn Haies,
founder and president of Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation and Bnei Rachel, Inc

Rosh Chodesh Adar at Kever Rachel brought out the dedicated to be with Rachel Imeinu on this day of simcha despite the impending snowstorm.  Just like nothing can stand in the way of a mother protecting her children, the forecasts did not stop those who battle for  Rachel’s Tomb, a most protected holy site. The 8am Egged #163 bus to Rachel’s Tomb was pretty empty for a Rosh Chodesh morning . Just a few were on the bus that reached Rachel’s Tomb from Efrat at 9am. The Sefer Torah reading was a sweet comforting echo through the well heated  ohel. The harsh wind that came through the door carelessly  left open over and over again was stopped by the kind efforts of Nechama who works for RCRF no matter in The House of Rachel’s Children purchased initially in March 2001 with all RCRF 501c3  money  or at Rachel Tomb itself where it all began. The women patiently await their return to their borders.
                    Nina Devere who has been sponsoring the buses and running the programs needs a better response and so does RCRF which is dealing with lock outs, slander and chillul Hashem. Considering all the major accomplishments, Evelyn accepts the word of her dear friend Hana, a’h “You already won.” Still RCRF was formed to save Kever Rachel and present the “good ideology”. So sad, the good had to deal with inconceivable  bad. Speaking on the parasha Terumah, building the Tabernacle, Evelyn sees it’s all about IF and If NOT. We need more time to correct the IF NOT. Letting evil get away with IF NOT the bad becomes a raging plague.  IF means, “Not by Rachel’s tears alone, but working together with midos and wisdom” creates the geulah. When we act with derech eretz, do teshuva, HASHEM produces miracles.
                    Nina introduced Sarah Baumol who spoke on the month of Adar. She taught that Adar brings in joy. Good Happens. Bad turns to good. She says, “We can change mazal by deeds, not dice.” She showed how the Haman/Mordechai predicament  was turned into an Esther HaMalchah reality where the victory hidden became what we see. We need to do it again and make the miracles last. The program ended with Esther Cameron, editor  of Deronda Review reading her poem. 
                                                                              THE GIVER
                                                            By Esther Cameron, Editor of the Deronda Review
for Evelyn Hayes

Amid the harvest of his deeds a man
Lies sleeping, with his merits round him piled
And senses in his sleep a shape that stands
Opposite him -- the face is not revealed.

A muffled voice addresses him: "My son,
Why do you cheat me?"  Now he is awake
And starts to ask the shape, "What have I done?"
But no one's there.  Now he begins to take

Thought, but goes back to sleep.  And on the screen
Of inner sight appears a woman's face,
Not young. She asks, "The house that was my dream
And our mother's praise -- why do you transgress

By taking it?"  "And what are dreams of hers,"
He answers, "in comparison to my
Sustaining works?  A migratory bird --
What weight have her complaints against such as I?"

But after that he sees:  the window gapes
And on the sill the birds are all assembling,
Dragging the sky down with them.  It is gray
And like a stone tablet that is crumbling.

And shuddering, he senses that the first
Shape again stands beside him.  In his hand
She places just one crumb and tells him, "Cast
This to them, and let accusation end!"

He tosses it.  The largest in the flock
Is quick to gather in its beak the prize.
Then with the sky, which has its color back,
All of the flock with single motion rise

And fly until at last they dip their wings
Over that crossroads where Rachel lies hid
And let the crumb fall on the ground, whence springs
A stalk that quickly puts forth leaf and bud.

And the bud opens to a house, wherein
Matrons and maidens sing and speak their thought
And young men, too, see deeper as they learn
And good, wise counsels are received and taught.

Until a signal's given, and a throng
Collects, and a procession sets forth, drawn
Toward Jerusalem, to build the house for which they long,
Where earth and heaven are forever one.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You’re invited to Celebrate Rosh Chodesh Adar with Mother Rachel thursday February 19, 2015

Egged Bus #163 leaves opposite Central Station on Yaffa Road 10 minutes before hours 8, 9, 10, RSVP: Details 054-224-2649
You’re invited to Celebrate Rosh Chodesh Adar with Mother Rachel
Join us for a Rosh Chodesh Adar Sefer Torah Reading, Shiur, Seuda, Refreshments
9am Sefer Torah Reading
9:30am Join the regular Rosh Chodesh group from Efrat celebrating Rosh Chodesh Adar
in memory of Sara Blaustein H’yd (D. 2001)since 2002
The Efrat bus will be leaving from Matnas Efrat at 08:20 on Thursday, 30 Shevat,
Aleph Rosh Chodesh Adar.  We are back by 11am. Program downstairs from women’s section
Please stay for continuing programs.
Info: Tel:  02-9931724    Cell: 050-7669939  050-7669939)
                                                                                                    Shiur by Sarah Baumel.
10:30AM Remarks by Evelyn Haies, 620AM radio presenter on the parasha and haftorah  Private tehillim
11:AM Light Brunch and Learn with
Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Diaspora Yeshiva
                               “Why is Rosh Chodesh the Unique Festival for Women?”
                                                Info> RCRF 054-224-2649
Become an RCRF member for $36.
To support our worldwide efforts to teach Derech Eretz in the merit of Rachel Imeinu
mail donations to   RCRF 60 West End Ave, Brooklyn NY 11235
Many events are free or subsidized.  Host a private showing of a documentary
Mark your Calendar: Every Wednesday at 11am for outstanding lectures by Atara Gur, Rachel Imeinu Scholar and Author
                                                            All RCRF regular activities are at
Rachel’s Tomb Walled Complex, Egged Bus #163 leaves Jaffa Rd 1.10 hour before programs .
   “Not by Rachel’s tears alone, but acting together with wisdom and midos”
Lunch and Learn is sponsored by Evelyn Haies in Memory of Miriam a’h and Samuel a’h Solomon
And in memory of Yonah Scop a”h born too soon, left us before his due date
Learn more about RCRF the 501c3 that saved Rachel’s Tomb from abandonment 1995-2015

Host a parlor meeting to view the DVD featuring out 20th Commemorative Yahrzeit with Rabbi Moshe Snow.

Shira B'Shelach

A companion to Shira b’Shemayim, the Song of the Heavens
Lyrics by Evelyn Hayes,
© January 31, 2015
We sing to Hashem because He rules the world
We sing as His plans are unfurled
Splitting the sea so His people can be free
We sing as we march forward in His glory
We sing and retell the Passover Story.

We sing to Hashem as He drowns horses and riders
We sing as He tosses chariots aside
Churning Pharaoh’s army like leaves in a storm
We sing; He is composer of evil’s downfall.

We’re united in song, SHIRA B’SHELACH
No longer enslaved, Yes, freedom, he gave
Enjoying His taking us forth, righting all wrongs.
We sing to Hashem, our Father in Heaven. He writes the songs .

His right hand is raised to make the waters part
His right hand is raised to give freedom a start
His right hand is raised to make the waters cascade
His right hand is raised to not let evil pervade.

His right hand is a hand for the brave
For Miriam and Nachshon and His people to save.
Mother Rachel cries for her children
The nation as one reaches for shalom

We’re united in song, Shira B’Shelach
No longer despair, Yes, emunah, not fear.
Accepting His edicts, the wrong He evicts.
We sing to Hashem, He splits the sea
He gives us freedom to be
We sing to Hashem, our Father in Heaven. He writes the song.