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By Evelyn Haies, ©April 24 2014
They say not to embarrass the Jew by reporting his misdemeanors
However, the Holy Tanach is the full of stories of the schemers
The tellers of false tales, thieves, murderers, all that is  gory
To remind His people to be righteous; that misdeeds are not glorious.

Many say to hide the evil amongst us so as not to shame His people
However, the Holy Book is a document of evil and libel
The Cains, the Ishmaels, the Esaus are guilty of killing, stealing, misdoing
The selling of Josef reminds His people of the pain  of pursuing evil.

Hashem has given a protocol for deeds and actions.
However, those off the derech must repent or suffer the ramifications
Infractions by the cohanim are the most unholy, are tumah
Misactions by all are a desecration of Gd’s name and cause trauma,

The Commandments are a roadmap for living
And self criticism is a means of teaching His directions
Corruption, Disruption, misgiving lead to an eruption from defection
Remember, not abiding magnifies floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides

Let us criticize, demonize, punish to prevent the demented
Let us praise those who raise the nation to apprehend those who disregard His laws
Let us praise those who raise their children to keep the laws as He intended
Remember, there are special days for counting and appraising.

As we count the Omer keep a record to welcome Shavous
There must be restriction, depiction, conviction, eviction
There must be alleviation, revelation, elevation
Remember there is wrong, and there must be a righting of wrongs.

The Jew has a responsibility to elevate Gd
However, disregard for HaShem, one’s fellow man, the laws and the lessons
Is because of the failure to blame, disdain, shame and correct the derelict
Teshuva is the selection for rectification; only with disclosure can there be reclamation

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tehilim Therapy #72 Truth of Truths: an Affirmation/ David’s Prayer for Solomon The Amen of the Amens

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Truth of Truths: an Affirmation/ David’s Prayer for Solomon
The Amen of the Amens
Tehilim Therapy #72
by Evelyn Hayes,
April 9, 2014

Proper Judgments and righteousness
Are to be part of the Jewish consciousness
By Gd for all the Jewish generations
And the world will benefit heavenly compensations.

This is the message of David HaMelech
For Solomon the future king of Israel
This is the legacy from father to son
Judgments for the people, all like one.

Judge for the people, those crying out:
the children, the impoverished, the poor,
the destitute, the needy, the prey who shout
Let our people be; Let there be no more distress.

Judge against aggression, oppression, suppression
Judge against the foe, the fraud, the deviant,
Amassing for their own own benefit.
T hose lusting for power, belongings of others,
not theirs; only for themselves.

Judge to help, have pity, redeem
Human blood is more precious than gold
Redeem the ways of old for a new world,
Let our people see and a better world unfold

Dear Solomon, live to give
Empower with blessings
Remember the matriarchs, patriarchs
Be a monarch for all

Dear Shlomo ben David heed my message,
Judge right and reap abundance, splendor, harmony
So the mountains will sing; the land  abundantly produce
And the nations will bless themselves by Him and by you

Dear Shlomo, King of Wisdom, spread love, respect
Reap a universe for perfection
Seek justice and righteousness ; prosecute the derelict
Such is the mission of the Jewish King.

Dear Solomon, use your power to empower Gd,
Use your mastery for the Master
Who gave you wisdom to give,
Kindness to make settlements for the benefit of all.

Dear Shlomo ben David,
Caring for Hashem’s wishes, acting according to His ways
Will increase the days for bounty and happiness for one and all;
The righter the ruler the brighter the future.

Dear son, do it for the generations,
Do it for HaShem
Do it to mend.
I have suffered enough.

Dear son do it for everyone
Do not be someone; be a messenger for The Lrd
Let there be no one who breaks the laws,
Taking  it for himself and his own wealth.

Dear son, do it because of the fathers and mothers
The past and the future, us and them
So only His good will be our benefit
So all His good will be in our merit.

Amen for Amen.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forgotten Things To Remember - by Evelyn Hayes

Forgotten Things To Remember - by Evelyn Hayes

(Author of  The Plague Series because their hearts are softened to accept the unacceptable).  (c) 2010

Do you remember, Avraham Aviinu bought The Cave for the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron ? When? Why?    And he buried his wife Sarah there.
Do you remember, Yaakov Aviinu bought Schem?  When?  Why? And Yosef Hatzaddik is buried there.

Do you remember David HaMelech bought the Temple Mount before he conquered Jerusalem? When?  Why?

Do you remember Rachel Imeinu was buried "on the way" to Efrata which was in Beis Lechem which was in Israel where she gave birth to Benyamin
and stones were placed on her grave and it is a monument known until this day?

Do you remember Yaakov pleaded with Yosef to bury his bones in Hebron which is in Israel?

Do you remember Sir Moses Montefiore bought Ramgate in 1831 and hence Jews could own land in Britain ending the Anti-Jewish land laws?  He repaired and added a room to Rachel's Tomb in 1841.  In his diary it states there were three yeshivas in Hebron in 1865 and there were 489 inhabitants. In 1891 Hadassah Hospital in Hebron served the majority of Jews as well as Arabs? Why won't you remember?
Because you don't remember there is unnaturally limited growth limiting a nation who had a third lost to the Holocaust, and more lost to the Inquisition, Crusades, invaders, pogroms, massacres and haters.

Do you remember there were 200 families living in Muswara  before the 1929 massacre? Muswara  is now an Arab parking lot.

Do you remember 67 Jews were slaughtered in Hebron where the father of the astronaut Dr. Judith Resnick studied? Why won't you remember even as there are survivors (who were protected by their mothers dying bodies) still alive?

Do you remember the Romans changed the name of Jerusalem to Aeitola Capitolina, but we didn't accept the change?

Do you remember the Romans changed the name of Judea, Samaria, Israel to Palestine after the Philistines who are a dead race to confuse us? Why are you confused by the facts or are you ashamed that we survive and are 6,000,000 and growing  again in Israel?

Do you remember Mahmoud Abbas alias Abu Mazen wrote a doctorate thesis denying the Holocaust?

Do you believe this Holocaust denier claimed  Rachel's Tomb is a mosque on Halloween and UNESCO  validated the Big Lie masked by the Big Liar?
A lie by a non fact is a lie.

Do you remember when Oslo II, 1995 was signed on The Whitehouse Lawn and PM Rabin refused to come out until the Amendment to protect 29 Jewish Holy Sites was added. This amendment to keep Rachel's Tomb, Maarat HaMachpelah, The Tomb of Josef and Shalom Synagogue forever under Israeli control was signed by PA  Arafat, Pres. Clinton (Hillary's husband) and PM Rabin and was reported on the front page in The New York Times?

Why are you forgetting and letting history be rewritten according to the dictates of Mein Kampf.'s rip-map?

Do you remember Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher bought the property across from Rachel's Tomb with the pennies of those who could not afford to come to Israel and this memorial may  be their only legacy for their generations murdered in the Holocaust, and it is outside the wall built in the middle of the street even though recorded by The Israel Land Authority.

Do you remember the 1917 Balfour Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine included Jordan for the Arabs which is 78%. Do you hear that they only want 22%?

Do you know that by ignoring the Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine the custodian , Britain, denied Jews their right to leave Europe in WWII and sacrificed their very lives? 

Do you remember that they hung our beautiful youth who wanted to save their brethren in their mandated land? 

Do you remember the British embargo during WWI and that half the Jewish population of Jerusalem died for lack of food and medicine?  How can you forget to remember that there were Jews in Jerusalem lost to the failure of others when they were weak and losing now to  failure by  self denial when they are strong?

Do you know that America is proud of its 400 year old settlement of Jamestown 1607 - 2007? Why would PM Netanyahu negotiate 4000 years of Jewish truth for the Big Lies of the Holocaust denier? Negotiating on forgotten handshakes is causing Israel to be forgotten piece my piece, layer by layer.

Rebuilding is remembering and re-in-stating. .

As the enemy of truth and Israel removes the facts under the ground
and Netanyahu fails to respect Hebron, the resettlers; the Gush, the resettlers, Ramot, Jerusalem, the resettlements, he is compromising truth, justice and Jewish rights to their property in their Homeland.

As Israel had legal validation, not remembering is forgetting the responsibility of an elected official who was selected to remember.
Netanyahu is taking steps backward forgetting the past and botching the future.

Of course, Israel will survive the evil empires of today because of the settlements:
Abraham was told not to wander, to settle the land HaShem gave him for his Jewish descendants.  It is natural growth to rebuild what all the vanishing empires tried to vanquish.

Let our people re-build. We are forever. Remember to not forget.

"Plagues Here, Plagues There, 2011",

"Plagues Here, Plagues There, 2011", 
by Evelyn Hayes,
author of the Plague Series because hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.

It is just ten years since terror went to the 101st floor and knocked the Twin Towers down like a deck of cards
and the hearts of the world are softened again for more and more and more.
Why such liberalism?

Blood is plague one for Jews , Coptics, Africans, Buddhists, Hindus,  even Arabs as the armada is spread by Haman'jihad of Iran, the one in this generation who would destroy His world, your world, their worlds because of our softness,
 loftiness that some have purple blood and only red gets dead. .

Frogs are plague two, as firemen and service men and bankers and bakers and media men leap to the demands of those demanding Our World disordered.

Vermin is plague three and the flotillas are just barging along delivering weapons of mass destruction
by air, land, sea and tunnels, flying, marching, sailing and crawling ,
drugged to the tune of a tsunami of oil gougers in league with the lawless
Beep your horn louder. Staying still costs.

Pestilence is plague four and there's not just germ warfare; it's nuclear threats and thrashes and earth shakes  
and some skins do not even cringe  even as Durban is re-happening.
Yes, that same Durban dashed in the ashes of 9/11.

Boils are the bursts from embroilment and deaths so soon forgotten
causing more deaths in a slow war spreading fast with revolutions in Egypt and Libya and, and, and...

Hail are the missiles growing in sizes and capacities, long range, short range, surface to air, ground to grind - 
that are raining by the hundreds upon hundreds  on Sderot and Ashkelon, Ashdod, even Beersheva and threatening Tel Aviv that even crashed a Seder in Yad Mordechai and Netanya, too- remember?

Locusts are feeding off the news that victims are victimizing as the United Nations calls Ima Rachel's Tomb a mosque.
With a name change here: for The People of the Book, Mount Zion, Hebron, Joseph's Tomb, David's Tomb, 
 Synagogues, churches, any dhimmi place to be chewed up and dumped,  turnspeaked to give a voice to evil and upheaval.

The disease is a Big Hate with a Big Lie and a Great Darkness When far sight isn't foresight
like remembering the Holocaust and not connecting the dots:
Haj al Husseini...Hitler...Haman’jihad... Havez...hell....
Gassed babies slid down the shoots to be buried by their mothers, Babies decapitated, Fetuses shot... 
Remember the Egyptians who emured Jewish babies in the cement of the pyramids,
the Mohammedans who chopped to pieces poetess Asma bas Marwan of Medina nursing her baby?

When blindness is a disconnection of vision and decisions
as the first civilized nation of Israel lets Hashem be taken out of Avraham
and lets Ibraim rant, rave and enslave all the peoples for  petro-cost and immobility, toil and terror

As they attack the firstborn, Israel, the good ideologies,
As the blossoms are reborn in Spring, Revival is a sign of survival
So it's time to shout for the acceptable, the gifts of Hashem  and split the ravages of travesties,
choose the rod of the Creator
and whack off the head of the snake that beheads babies and misleaders and fools
and follow the path of our Forefathers and treasure what they found. 

The routes of the past are the roots of the future.

It's time to say yes to Jerusalem, Hebron, Beis Lechem, Itamar, Shiloh, Gamla, Susiya.
It's time to say yes, and choose the ways of G-d here,  there, everywhere
His lease is a lasso for unity and multiplication of justification for The Just. 
His lease is a testimony for triumph, life and liberty with Truth and Torah  
His lease is His will, an eternal birthright of those with mezuzahs on their doorposts.
This year for Hashem. Jerusalem, Israel...

Tehillim Therapy #46 "Hashem is our Coach and our Koach” (c)February 23, 2011

Tehillim Therapy  #46 
"Hashem is our Coach and our Koach”
by Evelyn Hayes
                                                                 (c)February 23, 2011
 We live in a time of trouble, upheaval in our lives and our world
Mountains are weeping tears of hot lava and trees are uprooted and sucked into the sea.
The earth is scorched by lack of rain and forests are burned
Land is washed away in tsunamis and hurricanes,
Cities  fall into cracks as the earth quakes, shaken and broken, burying that which it bore,
Rivers rise and cover the ground as high as rooftops
washing away all as they break higher than waves
and many do not escape
the reminders of the times of Noah, mis-guidings and evil doings
We live in a world of trouble, revolutions rage outlandishly in the streets against the outrageous
Evil empires are collapsing even with evil in the chants .
Dictators are banished by the masses they harassed.
Government buildings are burned and chopped just as they chiseled at the Tomb of Joseph.
Hate the Jews, the scapegoat, is the mantra; but the hate is from deprivation
and the jealousy of the Jews
who express kindness and love,
the midos of Avraham and Rachel.
G-d is in the middle of the lashings and bashings,
the ravages of nature and mankind,
the savagery of misfits, the me-its, the made-offs.
The glory is of the Most High
as the world is swooning in the whirlwinds of doom.
 He acted to create The Beginning
and now unleashes a  painful Re-Awakening
G-d is Our Maker
the Maker of disasters and desolation
the Maker of war and peace
He is the Power to shield the earth and mankind
As we remember the givers -
Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov
Sarah, Rivka, Leah and Rachel,
Yosef and Moshe Rabbeinu
As we see the punishments of the fakers, takers, hackers, pirates,
Conquistadors, Crusaders, Inquisitors, Nazis, Jihadists
a new day is dawning out of the turmoil on the ground and the human poundings and pounded
Lashings and Bashing are everywhere like cycles of devil-potions , dissolutions;
and then there is silence, re-growth, solution:
appreciation that hate is not the answer,
never was in tune with civilization, the Loving Kind.
Can you hear the exulted music of the Alamos?
He has turned war into peace, swords into plowshares, bombs into blossoms
and there is rejoicing like Purim and nurturing like in the BaMidbar
and He is exalted among all nations.


                                                            By Evelyn Hayes April 14, 2014
 What does Pesach have to do with Yom Kippur?
What does the holiday of freedom have to do with the Day of Atonement?
Confession, Repentance, Atonement
There was contamination in Mitzrayim;
False gods sent man off the derech;
Involved in the forbidden, doing misdeeds in hiding,
Then out of the Holy land one is sliding
Purity in the name but impurity in the situation
Purity of the land but deviation.
Misinterpreting Hachlachah for personal deceit 
A Breaching from His teachings, and His ways is misguiding.
Misled and misleading brings slavery, calamity, tragedy
Slavery is still in place when there is insecurity in reactions
Following mis-rulers, the majority,
Inappropriate authority
Lack of self control is without reason
Hands tied, feet chained, manners nullified
Heart sad, mind blinded, midos annulled.
Atonement requires cleansing, mending, emancipation, rectification, actualization of good.  
Self-Instillment is an installment for correction,
with the laws of Hashem, the commandments, the decrees.
What does Pesach have to do with Yom Kippur?
Why is there freedom when there is exodus?
When the sins are confessed, tossed at all cost
Mezora,  Teshuva, Replacement  of slavery with Service for Hashem.
When goodness is the personification, no longer is one lost.
Service to Hashem reserves guela for His nation, a light for all.

Tehillim 22 A Lesson on Futility –Why We Need to Ask Why

Tehillim 22 A Lesson on Futility –Why We Need to Ask Why 
                              By Evelyn Hayes Pesach, 5774,  2014–04–16
Dear Gd, Why have You forsaken me?
Dear Gd, why aren’t You saving us?
Don’t You see my plight in the day and night?
Don’t You see their wrongs, the shame?
The Jew they blame.

Dear Gd, Why is this time different?
Dear Gd, Why are You indifferent?
All seeing, Israel trusted and You delivered them.
All knowing, I trust that You know and will stop prime evil
The Jew You bore.

Dear Gd, Save me from Yismael and Esau, Don’t let me decay
Dear Gd, Why do You hide Your face,
I am so pained,  A victim of their sword,
The lion, the dog, the horns of the reimim, the wild horde,
I am the Jew who hopes.

Dear Gd, It’s You I praise
Dear Gd, I will mend my ways
Don’t You want the Jew to be forever?
Don’t You see that he is never and will I be next?
There’ll be one Jew less.

Dear Gd, A Pesach sacrifice,
Dear Gd, Your people are despised.
Arise,  give us back our love, our land, Eretz Hakodesh
Arise,  give us Your blessings and protection
The Jew pledges righteousness.

Dear Gd, A Pesach exodus.
Dear Gd, Let our people renew their dreams
Dear Gd, Let Your people be redeemed
Let there be veneration for You and pride in us.
The Jew will seed another generation.

Dear Gd, there’s so much in our past
Dear Gd, the trials and tributes
Reflection, Introspection, determination
Not termination
The Jew will be Israel again.

By Yaakovs, Yosefs, Davids, Shlomos, Moshe Rabbeinu
By Torah affirmation, tehillim, truth
With Your aid, we will know victory
With Your strengthening, we will know victory
The Jew who follows You will lead the world. 

Friday, April 4, 2014


                                                                           By Evelyn Hayes,
                                                                           April 3, 2014
There is rebirth in the air,
Messy afterbirths are everywhere.
Every time we sweep more dried blossoms fall,
more shrivelilngs of the birthshell sprinkle the Jerusalem floors

How much debris from rebirth?
How much waste to purify the earth?
A metzora is outside the gate
Cleaning up his fate without talking it to sway..

Alone with his introspection
Reflection on rejections
The deficiency is isolated, not pardoned with affirmations of disinformations
To be reinstated from the core not the infiltrations of saying for delaying. .

Return is back into the borders
Taking orders of all the Cohanim for just himself
A punishment for selfishness, stinginess and excuses
By gossiping on the ruses.

Return with sin offerings, guilt offerings,
Swinging birds and turtle doves, lambs for lament;
Immersions into mikveh
Scrubbbing out the chometz, the mold, the should not be told.

A service before Hashem not them
Who pose as friends so he could be an over-seen
An offering for a healing away from the mingling, mangled ,
the wheeling and dealing under cloak of  screen.

There is rectification for the metsora, the house, the walls, the halls, all
There is a spring to cleaning, shaving hair and waving…
Purifying middle part of ear, thumb of right hand, toe of right foot.
The simanim, the secret of seven and Marchesvan 11.

Is the cleaning sufficient to fix his ways
The exile for seven days
And the dancing with Gd on the eighth
What does the crimson string have to do with it?

There is an exodus this time of year
Washing, wiping, stripping
All the chometz over soaked and dripping
There is more daylight in spring, Without darkness they don’t dare.

 There is freedom this time of year, primavera
Having isolated the germ-in-us
 Terminated chummery and calumny
Reviving the hibernated, the pure core.

So bright are the days of exodus
When the introspect is free of me-ists and their lusts
When the introspect is sanctified against malignancy
When the world knows His regency. Him, not them