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Forgotten Things To Remember - by Evelyn Hayes

Forgotten Things To Remember - by Evelyn Hayes

(Author of  The Plague Series because their hearts are softened to accept the unacceptable).  (c) 2010

Do you remember, Avraham Aviinu bought The Cave for the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron ? When? Why?    And he buried his wife Sarah there.
Do you remember, Yaakov Aviinu bought Schem?  When?  Why? And Yosef Hatzaddik is buried there.

Do you remember David HaMelech bought the Temple Mount before he conquered Jerusalem? When?  Why?

Do you remember Rachel Imeinu was buried "on the way" to Efrata which was in Beis Lechem which was in Israel where she gave birth to Benyamin
and stones were placed on her grave and it is a monument known until this day?

Do you remember Yaakov pleaded with Yosef to bury his bones in Hebron which is in Israel?

Do you remember Sir Moses Montefiore bought Ramgate in 1831 and hence Jews could own land in Britain ending the Anti-Jewish land laws?  He repaired and added a room to Rachel's Tomb in 1841.  In his diary it states there were three yeshivas in Hebron in 1865 and there were 489 inhabitants. In 1891 Hadassah Hospital in Hebron served the majority of Jews as well as Arabs? Why won't you remember?
Because you don't remember there is unnaturally limited growth limiting a nation who had a third lost to the Holocaust, and more lost to the Inquisition, Crusades, invaders, pogroms, massacres and haters.

Do you remember there were 200 families living in Muswara  before the 1929 massacre? Muswara  is now an Arab parking lot.

Do you remember 67 Jews were slaughtered in Hebron where the father of the astronaut Dr. Judith Resnick studied? Why won't you remember even as there are survivors (who were protected by their mothers dying bodies) still alive?

Do you remember the Romans changed the name of Jerusalem to Aeitola Capitolina, but we didn't accept the change?

Do you remember the Romans changed the name of Judea, Samaria, Israel to Palestine after the Philistines who are a dead race to confuse us? Why are you confused by the facts or are you ashamed that we survive and are 6,000,000 and growing  again in Israel?

Do you remember Mahmoud Abbas alias Abu Mazen wrote a doctorate thesis denying the Holocaust?

Do you believe this Holocaust denier claimed  Rachel's Tomb is a mosque on Halloween and UNESCO  validated the Big Lie masked by the Big Liar?
A lie by a non fact is a lie.

Do you remember when Oslo II, 1995 was signed on The Whitehouse Lawn and PM Rabin refused to come out until the Amendment to protect 29 Jewish Holy Sites was added. This amendment to keep Rachel's Tomb, Maarat HaMachpelah, The Tomb of Josef and Shalom Synagogue forever under Israeli control was signed by PA  Arafat, Pres. Clinton (Hillary's husband) and PM Rabin and was reported on the front page in The New York Times?

Why are you forgetting and letting history be rewritten according to the dictates of Mein Kampf.'s rip-map?

Do you remember Tzvi Hirsh Kalisher bought the property across from Rachel's Tomb with the pennies of those who could not afford to come to Israel and this memorial may  be their only legacy for their generations murdered in the Holocaust, and it is outside the wall built in the middle of the street even though recorded by The Israel Land Authority.

Do you remember the 1917 Balfour Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine included Jordan for the Arabs which is 78%. Do you hear that they only want 22%?

Do you know that by ignoring the Mandate for the Jewish State in Palestine the custodian , Britain, denied Jews their right to leave Europe in WWII and sacrificed their very lives? 

Do you remember that they hung our beautiful youth who wanted to save their brethren in their mandated land? 

Do you remember the British embargo during WWI and that half the Jewish population of Jerusalem died for lack of food and medicine?  How can you forget to remember that there were Jews in Jerusalem lost to the failure of others when they were weak and losing now to  failure by  self denial when they are strong?

Do you know that America is proud of its 400 year old settlement of Jamestown 1607 - 2007? Why would PM Netanyahu negotiate 4000 years of Jewish truth for the Big Lies of the Holocaust denier? Negotiating on forgotten handshakes is causing Israel to be forgotten piece my piece, layer by layer.

Rebuilding is remembering and re-in-stating. .

As the enemy of truth and Israel removes the facts under the ground
and Netanyahu fails to respect Hebron, the resettlers; the Gush, the resettlers, Ramot, Jerusalem, the resettlements, he is compromising truth, justice and Jewish rights to their property in their Homeland.

As Israel had legal validation, not remembering is forgetting the responsibility of an elected official who was selected to remember.
Netanyahu is taking steps backward forgetting the past and botching the future.

Of course, Israel will survive the evil empires of today because of the settlements:
Abraham was told not to wander, to settle the land HaShem gave him for his Jewish descendants.  It is natural growth to rebuild what all the vanishing empires tried to vanquish.

Let our people re-build. We are forever. Remember to not forget.

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