Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Harmony Happy Jewish Mother's Day 5775 20th RCRF Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu

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Press Release: November 3, 2014 Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu
By Evelyn Haies ,
Founder and President of Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation and Bnei Rachel Inc. .

Tens of thousands visit Rachel’s Tomb on Mar Cheshvan 11th the day when Mother Israel died in Israel giving birth to Benyamin. Rachel’s Tomb is our third holiest Jewish site located on Hevron Road just a little past Talpiot between Har Homa and Gilo. The RCRF property is on the Israel tabu. Rachel’s Tomb is under the control of the Jerusalem police. Egged Bus #163 which RCRF saved when there were only 4 people on the bus and increased it 800% in just a little over a week is working overtime. The regular schedule includes about 9 buses and needs more daily but on this day there are buses every 14 minutes.

Jewish occupied Rachel’s Tomb is in Jewish occupied Beis Lechem  meaning House of Bread which makes for a harmonious relationship. It is within the security wall which RCRF calls The Rachel Tomb Walled Complex, Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2014 virtually put Kever Rachel on the Jewish visitor’s map and made it into a most visited holy site for prayer and growth in Derch Eretz held its 20th Yahrzeit .
Rachel’s Tomb ,Hebron, David Tomb and so many more of the 29 holiest sites listed in the Rabin Amendment to the Oslo Accords are not included in the new list of Heritage sites. Will all the Rachels, Sarahs, Rivkas, Leahs all the Avrahams, Yitzhaks, Yaakovs, Davids, Moshes, Esthers  protest. Who disconnects from their parents graves? He calls what’s familiar foreign? Please send name, address, email, phone numbers so RCRF can make a petition to includes our most holy sites on our must visit list. We are looking for 3600. Rachel imeinu lived 36 years 3600 years ago.  As the world is confused and negates Israel’s true heritage RCRF’s theme, “Harmony” affirms our legacy of what the Jews chose and why we should be a light to all. Avraham walked away from evil and made aliyah to the land inherited by the verdict of Hashem, the land which would flourish when the Jews merit.
Rachel Imeinu is the Jewish Mother par excellence who sacrificed herself to not shame her sister, who sacrificed so all that is holy will be redeemed in the merit of her “good ideology” as presented by the Holy Torah, the book that contrasts good and evil and presents good as the ingredient for the geula.  

The 20th Journal Dinner Keynote Address was given by Rabbi Moshe Snow of Temple Beth El of Borugh Park. The theme was Harmony. He emphasized the Harmony of what Rachel’s tears means. When we cry together, feel each other’s pain like Rachel Imeinu, we will overcome. All cried when the RCRF Sefer Torah was dedicated at Rachel’s Tomb in 1998. We cried together as Rachel’s Children, together to overcome  the hardships, the pain of centuries and the joy of giving Kavod to Ima Rachel and Torah.