Thursday, August 27, 2009

They Took My Cottage Cheese

They Took My Cottage Cheese
by Evelyn Hayes,
author of The Plague Series because their hearts were softened to accept the unaccptable.
July 4, 2009
Checkpoints are for terrorists, I thought. But as Israel is opening checkpoints, those with the knives, guns, toy guns from towns where jihad thrives are going through unchecked. Where's my independence? I might be stopped from being a great grandma because they are being let go. Those unchecked might have weapons of mass destruction.
What about me? I don't mind being checked going into a super market, a shopping center, a hotel, a restaurant, a plane. Yes, that shoe bomber was on my Pan Am plane. Yes, the other TWA 800 passengers who were in the terminal with me were blown up. Yes, I was about to walk past Sbarro when it was blown up. Yes, my friend just passed the Moment Cafe a moment before it was blown up. Yes, my son was on Egged Bus #14, but was going the other way. Yes, my daughter was on the Brooklyn Bridge and saw the plane crash into the Twin Towers. Yes my son was in the Battery Tunnel below and saw ash covered people running in. He had to back out that September 11, 2001.
Because of Jihad, innocents have to show their licenses and sign into New York office buildings. Grandmas have to lift their satchels onto trolleys to go through x-rays at bus stations and NY office buildings. So, liberalism is liberating the jihad side and letting mix and mass get through checkpoints unchecked.
Risk and rash are the unleashing of terrorists while little old grandmas like me suffer because there are those who would do a Bombay and make the mum-bye everywhere, but those from jihad country can have free play, liberal justice to do the unjust by their own authority.
I was travelling Swissair. They checked my bag, waist pack, computer. No liquids! They took my cottage cheese. I wanted to have a healthy snack. Remember, us innocents have to get to the airport three hours early. No drinks, no tooth paste, no wrinkle cream, no make up, no tweezers, nail clips. They make us take off our shoes- I can't even bend to retie the laces. Hats? Can't they see I'm innocent? Why can't they check the more likely guilty. I should explode, scream, "Do you want me to eat junk food? That's my cottage cheese?" How is Duty Free surviving when someone bought Buy Two One Free perfume and they confiscated it all - liquid you know.
So grandma me is being treated evenhandedly, like a criminal , a potential terrorist. So toddler, she, is getting her bottles nuked. No formula? What about nursing mother - the only liquid they let through. So Netanyahu is opening checkpoints, not checking potential law breakers when tourists can't even go into the Capitol Building, the Senate Building, the Courts without getting nuked.
Who is pushing the Jews to give up security? Why? Do they want us dead again? Will the tunnels into Gaza never end? Hundreds, SOoo deep. Liberalism is not liberating; it's aiming at the good and letting killers kill.
They took my cottage cheese, blame me for trying to stay healthy and alive. There's obamanomics; it broke the banks and granny's purse got thin. Is this an obama-comic? They took my cottage cheese? Will I have to buy junk food? I think liberalism is junky. It blows off your face. Don't you think it's junky, too? My independence is dependent on check points especially when they let jihad out of jail. Give me settlement anytime.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Presenting is Defending the Real Israel"

"Presenting is Defending the Real Israel"
by Evelyn Hayes,
author of The Plague Series because hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.
August 25, 2009

It all started with Oslo. It was a dream of Hong Kong in the Middle East. Economics would replace politics. Giving would replace taking. Speaking out and up was shamefully political. Silence would put money in the right pockets and make the warlords rich and satisfied. Jewish Land for Arab Land Expansion became a cure for the Jewish survivors who suffered the pogroms and holocaust.

And the warlords became very rich. Arafat was buying stock and bowling alleys in Manhattan. Saudi Arabia (where the second holy city Medina was Jewish no more because it made peace with the enemy) was buying land in Jewish Israel. All the redeployments were rid of Jews and Christians fled.

Change is the mantra. Change like Medina was taken over by Mohammed. Changing the Middle East by dividing the Ottoman Empire has changed the British Empire into a vassal of its oil richened warlords. Germany changed into Nazi Germany. Iran changed. Iraq changed. Venezuela changed. Sweden is changing. Obama's mantra is change.

Too many are going with the flow. The press prints so much that wrongs rights of Jews, Christians and proud Americans. It, like the UN, ignores the plight of the abused, enslaved, raped, robbed, murdered, no matter what they did to Dan Pearl, cut his head off just like what happened to Jewish King Marwan of Medina who went to peace parley with Mohammed. Too many are afraid to speak out on the campuses, in the Middle East, in the redeployed territories, in Ramallah. Bethlehem, Hebron. It's not politically correct to speak up for what's right, to rock the ropes and unleash the led.

I hear Arabs in the Hebron Hills, tribes scattered around Israel were once Jews, are hidden Jews, would like to be Jews again.

I heard them toot, "Go Home! Go Home!" in English, not Arabic nor Hebrew to those entertaining former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee at the Shepherd Hotel. He was happy that have even these foreign instigators have the right to speak freely in Israel just like in America. I was happy. Most of the guests spoke Hebrew, were homeowners in Israel. Many were here many generations; others returned home after generations. They were comfortable. They were home. Yes, we were home and it felt so good. It felt so good that we were hosting Mike Huckabee a US presidential candidate who visited our settlements, noted the avalanche of illegal Arab building, spoke with Jewish mayors, public officials, rabbis, landowners, Israeli residents, press and guests, spoke, questioned, listened in the real heartland of Israel to real Israelis, real Jews, those dealing with a timeless reality.

He spoke in Beit El where the Jewish forefather Yaakov fought with the threatening angel and became Israel, where he said yes to Hashem, His inheritance, His mission, His midos. His mandate.
The press advocated against Jewish natural growth as they snapped the background of Arab unnatural growth, the massive avalanche of windowless buildings down the slopes almost until the gates of the ancient and renewed Jewish places. They asked the posed questions and ignored the harsh facts.

The Jewish Bible is alive in Israel. Mount Greisim is still green and Mount Eval is still bare. You can feel our ancestors as role models not only teaching but also protecting. So many scuds at Tel Aviv and almost no injuries. But the Gush Katif, reclaimed and re-vitalized by the Jews, Jewish since the time of King Solomon and before, at the time of Yisrael Ben Moshe of Najara and before, at the time of the blood libel when they killed and said the killed Jews killed at the time of the 1929 massacres and again after 1967 was checked off the Jewish map by a wrong turn. Now Jews are gone; their Arab workers still call for jobs, but all that is left is now barren and a site of war.

The Jewish Bible is alive in Hebron, Judea, everywhere in Jerusalem, Shiloh, Ir David, Shomron, Gamla, Golan, Katrin. They say it's the occupation but they massacred in 1929 before the state. It wasn't a religious war because Haj Al Husseini demanded his castle be built even if it was on an Arab cemetery. It wasn't a religious war because it believed in destruction and extermination of man, woman, child, infant, mutilation and incineration, destruction of Gd's creations. As Iran dallies in nukes, it dallies in destruction as well as freedom denying. Iran is fighting its people and their right to life, liberty and happiness.

The jihad thugdoms are not criticized by the united nations of hate. They present themselves as those with the rights, the wronged as they wrong from Kenya to Mumbai, Sudan to Venezuela, on all the continents. The people cower. There is a silence like after the human bomb went off at Sbarro's in August 2001. There is a silence like before the Holocaust.

As the one-faced cult of liberals from across the globe, illiberal to the Jews, Christians, Americanism, Gd, religions, individualism shout change. Say no. Israel gave wisdom, kindness, morality and law to the world. America gave a haven of liberty, charity, wealth and education . America welcomes the wanderer into its new land. Old Israel welcomes home its Jewish wanderers who had centuries of uneasy sojourns in foreign lands. Saudi Arabia has so much oil and its people are deprived. Israel cares so much. $100,000,000 worth of produce came from agriculturally creative Gush Katif and, sadly, without its Jews, Gush Katif is barren. Gaza tunnels in arms for mass destruction from 1000s of tunnels maintained by jihad thugdoms.

Israel, be proud. Defend yourself.

The whole world, attacking Israel will bring a change, sharia law, lawlessness, no freedom, pirates and plundering. Tiny truncated Israel, giving land is not for the sake of peace. It has brought back hate, horrors and death.

Denying oneself, Israel is denied.

Affirmation is the answer. Remember Yosef so the world will remember the Jews bought Schem, Hebron, the Temple Mount and their ancient presence is the aroma of every inch of land and air. Affirmation will bring strength, health, peace.

The security walls that mangle Eretz Hakodesh will disintegrate.

Israel sacrificing to the idol of peace and challenging lies is pawning peace.
Israel presenting is defending itself.

Study Torah and history, Jewish law and morality; such are the pathways to geulah, the good world.

Teach. Presenting the truth is defending the real Israel. It is a light for nations.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Freezing Settlements While Ignoring the Avalanche

"Freezing Settlements while Ignoring the Avalanche" by Evelyn Hayes
August 23, 2009
Can you imagine that Jews should be denied natural growth?
Can you imagine that Jews cannot build on land they own, bought and re-bought?
Can you imagine that an illegal squatter on Jewish owned land can use the property and be a favored entity while the true owner told to go home by foreigners who do not speak Hebrew or Arabic?

Freezing settlement growth is a major liability. It unbalances the truth and the consequences are an invalidation of Jewish rights, hard won rights from the time of anti-Jew laws and ghetto realities.

Can you imagine Jews are being booted in their own land by their own public officials too afraid to complain, bowing to Obama whose Columbia U teacher was Egyptian Ed Said who lied that he was a native of Palestine and threw rocks at the Jews from Lebanon?
Can you imagine how many illegal houses go up in the redeployed areas? Remember it was Jericho and Gaza first, a trial that didn't work.
How big is Ramallah? How massive is Bethlehem from where the Christians fled because of Oslo.
Depopulated of Christians its windowless houses are changing Old Bethlehem to a cement avalanche.
Take out the aerial photographs of the surrendered territories and gasp, 1993 to 2009. GASP.
Is there enough water and power for the thousands and tens of thousands of houses?
If the Christians have fled, who is taking their places?
Do you believe they are legitimately in Israel?
I remember Arafat saying, so we build 40,000 and they take down 30,000, we still grow by 10,000. These windowless mud cities are an avalanche over all the Jewish neighborhoods, hovering over all the by-pass roads, multiplying the facts on the ground while Israel freezes itself, changing the facts and negotiation status.
Freezing unnatural growth of the Palestinian Dictatorship would be a peace attempt.
Freezing natural growth of Jews in their native land is an outrageous crime.
Disregarding the holy remnants of Jewish holy places and historical archaeology is a crime.
The constant Arab expansion on Jewish owned land is a violation of Jewish rights. Freezing Settlements is a Crime against the Jews and the charities that purchased land in Jewish Palestine by even those murdered in the Holocaust; it would be negating their last legacy. This was the way for the pogromed and murdered to stay alive by keeping Israel alive for those burnt in the ovens of hell.
Say NO to the hellish vision of freezing natural growth of Jews.
Say no to the avalanche, an infrastructure of nonstop PLO building to oust Israel from its country that is only 22% of its Balfour and League of Nations approved mandate.
Israel from east to west, from Tulkaren to Netanya can be walked in less than four hours and still it is full of Arabs walking the streets, buying the Galillee, using the hospitals, being the doctors, benefiting from the welfare systems. learning in the universities, riding the buses, driving the buses.

There is no apartheid here. Just stand on Jaffa Road and take an hour full of pictures. Gasp at the blood libel of Carter. There is no apartheid here.

Saying no to the new prejudice will say yes to the oldest people with the oldest rights.
Saying no to the blood libels will keep Jewish blood warm and alive.
Saying no to the mass attack on Israel will minimize the power of the bullies and save the 6,000,000 in Israel under attack again.

Please let us replace the losses of lives and land, the Jewish descendants and His inheritance to them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Are All Settlers

We Are All Settlers
by Evelyn Hayes
(c) 1998
I'd love to be a settler and come home to the promised land
No more sojournings from where they want us gone.

I'd love to be a settler with Avraham Aveinu in Beit El.
No more burnings, pogroms, murders on foreign soil.

I'd love to be a settler in Hevron, Zichron Yaakov, Ashkelon.
No more sojournings and runnings on and on.

I'd love to be a settler with Yosef, Menashe and Ephraim.
No more sojournings, no more chasings from here and there.

I'd love to be a settler in Yerushalayim, Schem, Petah Tikvah, Beersheva.
No more sojournings, no more sweeping us away.

I'd love to be a settler in my homeland
together with our sisters and our brothers.
together with The Fathers and The Mothers.
I'd love to settle the land where I belong.

I'd love to be a settler high on the hills of Shiloh, Gamla, Kiryat Arba,
deep in Jewish history at Itamar and Elazar,
together with those who cleared the swamps in Degania and the Galilee.
No more sojournings from where they want us gone.

I'd love to be a settler on the plains of Susiya, Psipora, Herzeliya,
deep in Torah at Tzefat, where our medieval scholars learned
and study their holy books.
No more sojournings, torture, from where they swiped us out.

I'd love to be a settler and follow our true fate,
resettle where invaders ruined, rebuild our ancient streets,
revive what was, create what should have been.

It's time to be a settler, throw away the yellow stars.
It's time to resettle our homeland, continue our ancient path.
It's time to be a settler and wave the Magen David:
affirm our past, reclaim our future.
It's time to be a settler, to be at home in the promised land we adore.
It's time to be a settler and proclaim a promised love.
It's time to resettle Eretz Yisrael
and fulfill the Torah's tale
It's time to be a settler in Eretz Yisrael,
stop sojouning her and there,
erase the centuries of despair.
It's time to be a settler in Eretz Yisrael
and fulfill the Torah's tale.
It's time to be together with our sisters and our brothers
in the land of the Fathers and The Mothers.
It's time. It's time. it's time to be together in our ancient settlement,
our country, sacred state, our own land,
the promised homeland.
It's time. It's time.
It's time we are all settlers and come home....

Imagine All the World as Gush Katif, March 2005

Imagine all the World as Gush Katif,
Lyrics by Evelyn Hayes , ©March 21, 2005

Imagine all the world as Gush Katif,
Gan Eden everywhere.
No golus around us,
Miracles surround us.
Imagine all the people
living as the sages did.

Imagine the Jewish nation
Unified once more.
No more pogroms or jihad.
Just Hashem, One Lrd.
Imagine all the peoples,
in peaceful harmony.

Imagine! Gush Katif redeemed,
Jews back from Egypt and Yemen,
Iraq and Iran, Syria and Lebanon,
to the kingdom that was Solomon's.
Barren land fertile once more,
by the Jews restored.

Imagine no imperialists,
Imagine no politics.
No more easements, no appeasements.
The way it was willed to be:
Imagine Jewish people
at peace in their homeland…

Imagine all the world like Gush Katif,
such a light for all nations,
No more rockets, no grenades...
truth not lies, love not hate, plowshares not war,
Imagine all the world as Gush Katif,
not divested of Gush Katif. (repeat at end)

You may say this is a dream,
Bounty in a desert? Jews where Jews were rid?
But Gush Katif is a reality.
Hope some day there'll be
Such a place for every race
and peace and justice for all mankind.

The Bedouin Jew, August 28, 2005

"The Bedouin Jew"
Written from a child's view after visiting a tent city of displaced Jews from Alei Sinai, Gush Katif
(c) August 28, 2005
I don't have an address anymore. I don't have a door.
I don't have my house, my decorated walls.
I don't have my bed, my pillow, my toys.
I'm not who I used to be such a short time ago, normal days, so long gone.
I can't go back. It is so unreal.

I'm homeless from an "unnatural" disaster, expulsion from the house my parents built. No place for me....
The toilet is now an outhouse, the shower a hose.
The floor is mats on a sand parking lot.
I'm homeless, a Bedouin Jew, not by chance,
but by a ruthless forcing,
scapegoating me, a settled, loving child Jew from an innocent hard working family.

I'm abused more as they blame me after all they did to me ...
Kids with houses taunt me because we said, "NO", to our soldiers who cried, "No, Oh, No." too, because we said, "NO", to their commanders who could not say yes to us because they would lose their pensions and suffer, too, because we said, "No" with our Knesset Members who were fired because they said, "No, NO, too."

Kids taunt me because we live in tents as if to seek sympathy and don't let us use their playgrounds.Kids taunt me because a few people came and made a little fuss against such a big bust by a storm of troopers thrusting us and our homes apart without delay of even finding us a place to stay.

Such an army never stopped the rockets,
just me, 9000 Jewish me's---
and, dead Jews, too, were not left to rest in peace.
We watched the bulldozers come, the monster cranes...
They smashed my house, so beautiful and strong, a house of so much love and comfort, family and good energy.
And the red tile roofs were shattered, and the light bulbs splattered;

So much broken glass, broken plaster, toilets, bathtubs, cabinets, closets hanging on a hinge on mounds of ground of all that was mine, uprooted, grinding me inside and dashing all the miracles that made barren sand dunes a lush, plush Gush Katif for Jews returned after the Egyptian invasion, exiles from Arab lands, Yamit, Holocaust, Inquisition, Crusades, Roman rampage.

I left the sprinklers on to keep our garden green, but they broke the pipes, ripped the wires; Undone is all we did.

To the TV crews that watched us bashed, we are now a forgotten class.
Now I am a child who is a broken house,
whose father is a wounded soldier for his country now fighting us.
How did losers voted out make our winners wipe us out
and destroy Jewish history,
everything with such brutal inhumanity.

Don't pity me.

I pity you who know not what you trashed and your undoing crooked deals cashing in on our worth for casinos to launder terrorists' cash.

What plagues you unleashed - earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, droughts, famines, locusts, disease, fires in Portugal and Spain, floods in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Rumania, so many plane crashes, Hurricane Katrina, more...
What raging tears Gd unleashed to spread the pain of Jews unfelt!!!!
He made hundreds of thousands homeless, too.

Still, the darkest plagues are human-made: depravity, slavery, lies, hate, inhumanity, brutality, stabbings, rockets, riots, stampedes, suicide jihad, war.
Beasts. Beasts. Beasts.
My dog understands.

Protection of Holy Place Law, 1967

Protection of Holy Places Law 5727 (1967)* The Holy Places shall be protected from desecration and any other violation and from anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places. Whosoever desecrates or otherwise violates a Holy Place shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of seven years. Whosoever does anything likely to violate the freedom of access of the members of the different religions to the places sacred to them or their feelings with regard to those places shall be liable to imprisonment for a term of five years. This Law shall add to, and not derogate from, any other law. The Minister of Religious Affairs is charged with the implementation of this Law, and he may, after consultation with, or upon the proposal of, representatives of the religions concerned and with the consent of the Minister of Justice make regulations as to any matter relating to such implementation. This Law shall come into force on the date of its adoption by the Knesset.
LEVI ESHKOL Prime Minister
ZERACH WARHAFTIG Minister of Religious Affairs

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Problem with the RoadMap is it has No Shoulder! by Evelyn Hayes
Problem with the RoadMap is it has No Shoulder, No Leaders, NoHeadlights and Rearview Mirror. The Oslo roadmaps & walls exclude shoulders, buffers, signals and responsibility. Without Gush Katif, buffer and Jewish rights to life and land, Sderot and Ashkelon are bombed. Would they remove more buffers and Jewish facts of settlement as the landscape of jihad is rising without rights and against realities? The pathways of appeasement drive hate to peddle death. Walls for a hate state solution dissolve Israel's borders for the pan-jihad unnation, speeding in for a suicide kill. Pan-Jihad has moved in, over and above. When accidents happen, caution is a normal motion. When jihad is appeased, it's not accidents but purpose that tickets another final solution endangering 6,000,000 again and Israel, Jews worldwide, America and all dhimmis. Considering the Winograd Commission faults lack of shoulders of the leadership and unilateralism without proper consultations, disengagement and incompetence, it is time to re-engage with shoulders, holding hands, history, Bible in unity, one nation, one land, holy and secure. Blockades are in front of Jerusalem shuls as the roadmap is an "idol", ignoring truth & consequences. Warlords have green light not HASHEM. How long with the pathways of lives be shortened as the gates for those who deal in evil are widened?

Ponzi Politics, Ponzi Press

by Evelyn Hayes,
author of The Plague Series because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.
(c)January 1, 2009

With gusto they avoid the truth
favor the uncouth;
And as untruth gets bolder and bolder,
lies set the world on fire.

From Kenya to Mumbai,
From the London underground to the Madrid airport.
From Sbarro to 911
From Peace Now to War Now,
from the Gush Katif expulsion, the Lebanon delusion, the Gaza illusion,
it wasn't a realistic roadmap, just PONZI POLITICS!.

Wasn't it just yesterday, that there were gardens in Gaza, plowshares not weapons,
where the Jews belonged- there since the time of Solomon, more? Gush Katif, a palatial relief.
Wasn't it just yesterday, that there were Jews in a Jewish owned Beit Shalom
on Worshippers Way in 20% Oslo allotted Jewish Hebron?
Hebron, a Jewish ancestral Biblically documented Jewish inheritance since the time of Abraham.
But PONZI POLITICS swiped them out and let barrenness birth terrorism for all.
Jihad supported in Gan Eden made excuses for hell everywhere,
to let evil sting, fling, murder, massacre worldwide.
From the birthplace of civilization
PONZI POLITICS favors an ending with prime-evil war.
PONZI POLITICS is dumb to bombs, bullets,
grads raining down on kindergartens, hospitals, supermarkets, homes,
accepts a coward's war against those cowed in PONZI POLITICS,
too social to stop the anti-Zionists
who are anti all independent nations, their master plan - world capitulation.
PONZI POLITICS is a partnership of "It Isn't, Wasn't, Won't" without sobriety; favoring notoriety.

Remember there were Jews in Gaza before 1929 and before and before
Remember there were Jews in Hebron before 1929, 4000 years or more.
Remember there were Jews in Israel,
and there were the imperialist Arabs, British, Romans, Greeks, Philistines, Persians, Babylonians.
Remember Jewish Jerusalem, Hebron, Beis Lechem, Beit El, Shiloh, Itamar, Galilee, Golan,
now under question in PONZI POLITICS, a rip-off plan to bring down the world,
using false for false,
using fiction for friction.
Remember Sir Herbert Samuels who made a terrorist a statesman.
This terrorist, Haj al Husseini partnered with Hitler to annihilate the Jews in a world war against all.
Arafat the Palestinian was from the Husseini clan; Abdul Rauf el Codbi al Husseini, an Egyptian.
Abbas is from the terrorist scam, a moderate or a manipulative?

HAMAS is using Real War while the rest of the world is using PONZI POLITICS
a new world order, change to disarrange.
Understand pity for the pundits is sacrifice of the wonderful.

A PONZI scheme robbed the banks
A PONZI scheme made off with many deposits.
A PONZI scheme will bankrupt those taxing everything left to support everything bereft
A PONZI scheme is ink lead and read as if there is truth in the flailing, failing NYTimes?

Israel has finally gained consciousness,
couldn't take it anymore
A Palestinian girl who lost her four year old sister put the blame where the blame belongs, on HAMAS
The Arab unemployed because Gush Katif was destroyed with PONZI POLITICS
are in jihad now to feed their kids and stay alive in the land in the business of hate and devious death;
using imported weapons in a deadly economics for deprivation by decadent appreciation -
What a way to make money to support war - in a PONZI POLITICS of make believe peace.

PONZI POLITICS silences the masses posing as the multitudes, the in-crowd taking out,
making questioning seem rude.
Shrewd trick that is a global scam.
Compromise, you lose.

gain consciousness,
turn on the lights
and celebrate Chanukah, too,
a battle to spread insight,
negate blindness,
rally a righteous creed against greed.
Let a new world order not disorder.
Let wisdom, humanity and responsibility govern this New Year
distortions and abortions of truth, justice and life,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hard Labor. They Attack our Children Again

"Hard Labor; They Attack our Children Again,"
by Evelyn Hayes, author of The Plague Series,
because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable
Rosh Chodesh Av
July 22, 2009

The Jews chose His Higher Laws.
Abraham chose to be unlike every other nation
and he had followers out of the hell of Sodom and Gemorrah,
the crematories of Europe, the politics of appeasement, the turnspeak of unsettlement
He chose HASHEM, the Creator, and bereishit, it was good and better and better.
Today it is very, very good,
except for many who choose J Street, the junk, the idols,
the jihad against themselves.
What perfidy, that J street calls itself mainstream when it applauds the slaughter of kids again,
the stripping of sanity for sin,
the stripping of our children of their G-d given inheritance,
the immorality of treating Jews like an un-nation,,
without a country, without human and basic rights of life, liberty and property,
hiding truth in the breaches of overstuffed pockets buying a big hole,
annihilation, nothingness.

As those who leave out sing, "Imagine", no GD, no religions, no nations, living for today,
it is natural that unnaturally they become like all the other nations
which chose the lower law, themselves.
Like Korach, we know, they will suffer the consequences of their made-off mania
and won't get away with it.
It's all in the parashas, the book of true government and humanity.
They bashed our kids in Vilna, bombed them on the Altalena,
broke their houses in Gush Katif,
expelled them who had the will to live and die for truth, justice and good.
As we live in Jerusalem
we must live for Jerusalem
united with all the victims and all their survivors, settled and settling
and, we will survive the bashing of settlements
and settle more because the opposite of settlement is war, destruction, death.

They duped the people into complacency, for the road map,
the low road that took the bullets of those who they gunned for
and as they chase our children out of the plains of Avraham, the fields of David,
the hills of Judea, the mountain tops of the Shomron,
corrupting the message of Gamla,
denying the kingdom of Solomon, the holy ancient land blossoming
for our eternal blessed people recognized in spite of those
who would only recognize themselves and stuff their pockets with the imperialist subsidies
of the day, subtracting their guilt by making all the Jews guilty again.

Don't we still look up to those who looked up to HASHEM
even from the gallows, the showers of death.
We bless Rabbi Akiva, light Chanukah candles, praise Esther and Mordechai.
We wear their costumes, our true clothes,
while the Made-Off and Ponzi politicians wear the clothes of their killers
and bend their necks down to be broken,
sell their hearts to be shredded,
give their hands to be disarmed and shamed
because they thought they belonged to the J street
and swallowed the junk of jihad. licked their spit, straddled in their hate,
still hated.

Hard Labor is the pneumonia of those who breathe the death wishes of their worst friends; fiends.

Bless our sons and daughters, the gifts of Hashem, who accept His gifts even with their life
because they are one with the everlasting victorious,
the Jews who never die, lived for their legacy and kept it going
while the imperialistic Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Germans, Communists,
British, Edomites, jihad
are flittering in the wind of the emptiness, the tunnels of their banalities and bombs,
the vomit of their me-idiocies.

Bless our hilltop kids, the partisans, the life of our lives that keep building,
creating in the image of our Creator.
Hard Labor may throw its daggers, design its indignities,
but Korach cannot win against such koach,
the koach of our kids, His inheritors, who believe in a higher truth,
not a roadmap of the made-offs, the bow-tied crooks,
the imperialists imploding as if they owned the world,
blaming the victims as they victimize,
stooges, for their own enemies.
Hard Labor, they attack our children who we bore and who carry us to victory,
our namesakes for His Sake.
Hard Labor would make an abortion.

Love rallies time against crime.
Don't forget to put salt on your challah this Shabbos
while they drive on the “bye-roads”, crashing with themselves and the civilized.

Knowledge of G-d is Power, Service of G-d guarantees eternity.
Long live Jerusalem. Forever Israel.
Motherhood is a labor of love, eternally making for Our Maker.

What a marriage, the Jew and G-d
divorced from all those with hearts softened to accept the unacceptable
whose lives would divide for those who idolize the death cult,
their arteries clogged with all the profanities against truth.
Keep loving our children; they are settlers, good and giving, creating and building.
Remember the staff and the almond blossoms
and there are so many almond trees
always a blossom for our being Jews in Eretz Hakodesh.

And Gd commanded, go and settle the land I give you, and multiply.
Let there be unnatural growth, like promised,
like the sands of the land and the stars of the heavens
because it is only promising for the world
when our children are the inheritors
in our promised land.

The Akeida of Israel

The Akeida of Israel.
Is de-jewvenation de-settlement and contrary to the peace plan of Yitzchak and Hashem?by Evelyn HayesAugust 12, 2009 We read in Lech Lecha and Toldos about covenants and broken vows, that Avraham took the easy way out and made an oath with an un-nation of foreign invaders.

If an oath is broken by one, it is broken for both sides, null and void.

Avraham was given Eretz Hakodesh by Hashem. He was told to cease wandering, to settle and multiply. Hashem was very angry with the appeasement oath giving away His gift. The un-nation wanted more than the oath, more than land. The un-nation wanted power, subserviance, dhimmis and destruction. It was not a peace oath; it was an oath for an easement to the detriment of the supplier who would receive a reduced and indefensible position in return leading to a final dissolution. Thus, the oath was null and void.
When it came time to renegotiate the oath with Yitzvkak, Yitzchak had a dream. "Be Strong" was the message of Hashem. When the leader of the un-nation came to re-instate the broken oath which he had violated, Yitzchak gave him hospitality, not the renewal of the oath that was violated. He gave wine and dine and in the morning good-bye. He did not sign.
There have been very many appeasement acts resulting in de-jewvenation. Making Haj al Husseini a peace partner got massacres and a partnership with Hitler. Considering the anti-settlerisms of Britain, remember they failed as Guardian of the Balfour Mandate, 6,000,000 European Jews died. So many were massacred in Israel and removed from their settlements. Making an Oslo Peace with a pan-Islamic terrorist Arafat did not get peace but terrorism and death of innocent men, women, children, infants and even to the unborn. Null and Void are Oslo 1 and 2. And the road map just went into the ditches again in Bethlehem, the City of Love from where 80% of the Christians have fled. The City of Love at a Jihad conference ranted hate, War not Peace, Death to the Jews for their appeasement, oaths, benefits. The conference reaffirmed its final dissolution agenda and appointed murderers Bargouti and Dahlan, and Jabril Rajoub, a thief as statesmen. Their positions are unpositions and are opposite of the Torah values, the basic Noahide laws for civilization and survival.

The Torah teaches peace; plans broken map a road for disorder for an agenda of war.

As the Disengagement and Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif left a wasteland, the people and homes as well as the industry, the produce and machinery were also for destroyed and not used for the betterment of the poor Gazans. Their effendis expanded their castles and tunneled in a further contingency who are coming from the Al Qaida of Iraq, Iran, Syria and worse, infiltrating and stockpiling the coffers of the "jihad thugdom," again. They made a war zone, turned plowshares into missiles. Any notion of peace is a fraud. Anyone condemning Israel is contorting and turn-speaking the definitions of civilization. Choosing to be sacrificed to so many broken attempts at a one-sided peace is choosing defeat. No for sixteen years is definitely, "NO!" So? Let our people learn! The Akeida of Israel must not be an option. Hashem has revealed the enemy and the broken oaths over and over again. As Yitzchak learned the lesson of appeasement and dreamed of strength, let Israel not fail and succumb to the false enticements of the enemy and those that would also sacrifice it. Let Israel not release the enemies of peace who have killed, planned to kill and will kill again. The easy way of appeasement is too hard. Israel, the Jewish holy land, an inheritance and a light for all nations must unite and solidify. Self-affirmation, Re-establishment and Re-settlement are the lessons of a broken oath. It one side broke it for 16 years, not only is it null and void, it's continuance is a violation that continues the dissolution process spreading the viability of lies and accepting defeat. As Hashem was angry at the oath, Yitzchak did not reinstate the broken oath. As Hashem has allowed destruction and death because of the Oslo lie, the Peace fraud, let there not be any greater sacrifice of Eretz Hakodesh, the Jewish people, their lives and world peace. An enemy constantly chanting a final dissolution with a leadership of murderers and criminals teaching hate and acting jihad is not and never was a peace partner. Israel must validate itself with its truths that are self evident. Chazak. Chazak. Chazak.

1929-2009 Of Jewish Orphanings from Family and country

1929-2009"Of the Jewish Orphanings from Family and Country"
by Evelyn Hayes, author of the Plague Series because hearts were softened to accept the Unacceptable
August 6, 2009

Today I met an orphan of the 1929 massacre of Jews in Jerusalem because of a blood libel. Shmuel Tsefania survived the massacre under his dead mother's body. He survived the Friday mutilations and massacre in the Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem called Nissan Bak, near the Damascus gate. When the Jews came to bury their dead on Friday, the bodies were un-identifiable. The burial was postponed until Saturday evening. The sound of a baby's cry came from below the dead. That baby is now 81. His tale is the tale of Jewish rights and reality that needs rectification for the dead and for the living. We heard his story and said kaddish in front of the mass grave at the Mount of Olives Cemetery.

From a loving established family, left was a Jewish orphan. Not only was he orphaned, but the neighborhood of Batei Nissan lost most of its Jews in 1929 and all of its Jews by the Jordanian invasion and occupation in 1948. The neighborhood was established by a printer from Tsefat. He also put up a shul, the tallest in the Old City which housed 58 shuls which the Jordanians destroyed. It was called Batei Eshel Avraham. The parking lot outside this neighborhood where we parked today was all Jewish houses that were homes to 200 families. Jews were killed. An orphan survived. The neighborhood was almost Judenrid because of the pogroms that killed about 133 Jews. The dead of Nissan Bak are buried in a mass grave in the Mount of Olives Cemetery. We visited the dead again 80 years later. They rest above the valley looking at the walls of ancient Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple Mount. May their rest be more tranquil as there are Jews again living in their neighborhood orphaned of Jews, displaced from country and kept from reclamation because so many are ignorant of history and fail to claim what was taken illegally by savagery. As the world again screams divide Jerusalem, are they screaming for more Jewish orphans and more of Israel to be orphaned from its Jews? As the world screams that Jews are settling in East Jerusalem, do they fail to recognize this is Jewish property or are they part of a new blood libel that seeks to kill more Jews, take their property for their own.

In 1929, on a Friday, Haj al Husseini, of the clan warring with the Nashashibis incited a blood libel that led to mass murder and fleeing of the Jewish survivors from authentic established Jewish neighborhoods. He was installed by Jewish Sir Herbert Samuels as mufti, replacing the Nashashibis, making a terrorist a statesman and getting terrorism and a partnership with Hitler for genocide of the Jews. Making this terrorist a statesman made an infant orphan survivor in Jerusalem and another in Hebron. It also orphaned the land from its Jewish people

It is eighty years later. Who remembers Muswara? About 100 Israelis came to remember. They were the orphan, the survivors, those who were part of the country, tour guides and students, those who remembered and were learning of that which must not be orphaned from Jewish memory. Some experienced the massacres. Others felt it their duty to study and tell the story of the Jews in Eastern Jerusalem on the street named Ha Na'viim Street , the street of The Prophets, which continues across the highway from Meah Shearim to the Damascus Gate, an old Jewish neighborhood. We sat in the backyard garden under plum trees of Jewish owned and re-inhabited HaNavaaim 18 and recalled the massacres of 1929 in Jerusalem and Hebron.

The Arabs, incited by Husseini on the Temple Mount, first killed the Jews in Jerusalem and then went on to Hebron, announcing in “turnspeak” that Jews had killed the Arabs, doubling the incitement and the crime. Not only did a blood libel in Jerusalem mutilate and murder; the turnspeak libel caused the death of 67 Jews in Hebron, the injury of so many others and the orphaning of Jewish neighborhoods from the Jewish mandate for the Jewish people in the former Ottoman Empire, world recognized as a Jewish entity by the Bible, the Balfour Mandate and the League of Nations. Britain, custodian of that mandate failed as guardian to protect the people and even denied access to the 6,000,000 supporting genocide by Haj al Hussein and Hitler who was attacking Britain itself.

It is 80 years since, and this weekend the Yeshiva of Hebron will host its survivors. It will remember Shmuel Rosenholtz, a student from Yeshiva Hevron who the British police did nothing to protect. The Arabs even destroyed the Hadassah Hospital founded in 1891 which treated them and also slaughtered the pharmacist who treated them. Although the British did not allow photos of the brutality and savagery worse than even chronicled in Sodom and Gemorrah, pictures can be seen in Beit Hadassah which houses a Museum in Memory of the Slaughtered, a reminder that there was a thriving ancient Jewish community in Hebron. Dr. Judith Resnick, the American astronaut had a father and grandfather learning in Hebron at the time. The Schneersons and Slonims were popular families in Hebron. Nachum Segal's father studied in Hebron. A Baby Shlomo Slonim survived, saved by his mother's dead body. Such miracles in the midst of madness left a baby survivor on bus #2 leaving the Kotel in the Olso Peace Process of today which seeks to orphan Jewish memory neighborhoods with roots and realities of the Bible , all times as well as the Mandate period from Israel proper. This attempted orphaning of Jews from history and place has the desire to genocide all Jews again. There were over 450 Jews in Hebron at the time. According to a Montefiore diary, there were 489 Jews in Hebron in 1865 and 4 yeshivas. Considering the failure of numbers to multiply, there was not natural growth. The world today is again ranting against natural growth and settlement of Jews. Although there are valid claims to the property of survivors, the Israeli government to please a world ignorant to the facts and favoring the facts of Jew deniers is enforcing Jewish orphaning from its homes, reinforcing the British land laws which ceased when Sir Moses Montefiore purchased Ramsgate in southern England in 1831. Strange that these land laws against the Jews which have been eliminated worldwide are activated against the Jews by the Jewish government in Israel. Perhaps it is because so many Jews came from the lands where pogroms raged and came to a land where pogroms had ravaged and orphaned.

With voices connected and united, informed and informing, let there be an end to Jewish orphaning, killing Jewish people and their rights to the land in their only eternal immemorial country, the nation promised this land, exiled and now returned, always identifying and remembering. Let us remember and reclaim what belongs to those slaughtered and the Jewish nation, their inheritors. Let there not be denial, an orphaning from truth. Let there be affirmation and recapture of all the losses and let there be multiplications into what should have been and needs to be rectified and re-actualized