Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tehillim 22 A Lesson on Futility –Why We Need to Ask Why

Tehillim 22 A Lesson on Futility –Why We Need to Ask Why 
                              By Evelyn Hayes Pesach, 5774,  2014–04–16
Dear Gd, Why have You forsaken me?
Dear Gd, why aren’t You saving us?
Don’t You see my plight in the day and night?
Don’t You see their wrongs, the shame?
The Jew they blame.

Dear Gd, Why is this time different?
Dear Gd, Why are You indifferent?
All seeing, Israel trusted and You delivered them.
All knowing, I trust that You know and will stop prime evil
The Jew You bore.

Dear Gd, Save me from Yismael and Esau, Don’t let me decay
Dear Gd, Why do You hide Your face,
I am so pained,  A victim of their sword,
The lion, the dog, the horns of the reimim, the wild horde,
I am the Jew who hopes.

Dear Gd, It’s You I praise
Dear Gd, I will mend my ways
Don’t You want the Jew to be forever?
Don’t You see that he is never and will I be next?
There’ll be one Jew less.

Dear Gd, A Pesach sacrifice,
Dear Gd, Your people are despised.
Arise,  give us back our love, our land, Eretz Hakodesh
Arise,  give us Your blessings and protection
The Jew pledges righteousness.

Dear Gd, A Pesach exodus.
Dear Gd, Let our people renew their dreams
Dear Gd, Let Your people be redeemed
Let there be veneration for You and pride in us.
The Jew will seed another generation.

Dear Gd, there’s so much in our past
Dear Gd, the trials and tributes
Reflection, Introspection, determination
Not termination
The Jew will be Israel again.

By Yaakovs, Yosefs, Davids, Shlomos, Moshe Rabbeinu
By Torah affirmation, tehillim, truth
With Your aid, we will know victory
With Your strengthening, we will know victory
The Jew who follows You will lead the world. 

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