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Tehilim Therapy #72 Truth of Truths: an Affirmation/ David’s Prayer for Solomon The Amen of the Amens

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Truth of Truths: an Affirmation/ David’s Prayer for Solomon
The Amen of the Amens
Tehilim Therapy #72
by Evelyn Hayes,
April 9, 2014

Proper Judgments and righteousness
Are to be part of the Jewish consciousness
By Gd for all the Jewish generations
And the world will benefit heavenly compensations.

This is the message of David HaMelech
For Solomon the future king of Israel
This is the legacy from father to son
Judgments for the people, all like one.

Judge for the people, those crying out:
the children, the impoverished, the poor,
the destitute, the needy, the prey who shout
Let our people be; Let there be no more distress.

Judge against aggression, oppression, suppression
Judge against the foe, the fraud, the deviant,
Amassing for their own own benefit.
T hose lusting for power, belongings of others,
not theirs; only for themselves.

Judge to help, have pity, redeem
Human blood is more precious than gold
Redeem the ways of old for a new world,
Let our people see and a better world unfold

Dear Solomon, live to give
Empower with blessings
Remember the matriarchs, patriarchs
Be a monarch for all

Dear Shlomo ben David heed my message,
Judge right and reap abundance, splendor, harmony
So the mountains will sing; the land  abundantly produce
And the nations will bless themselves by Him and by you

Dear Shlomo, King of Wisdom, spread love, respect
Reap a universe for perfection
Seek justice and righteousness ; prosecute the derelict
Such is the mission of the Jewish King.

Dear Solomon, use your power to empower Gd,
Use your mastery for the Master
Who gave you wisdom to give,
Kindness to make settlements for the benefit of all.

Dear Shlomo ben David,
Caring for Hashem’s wishes, acting according to His ways
Will increase the days for bounty and happiness for one and all;
The righter the ruler the brighter the future.

Dear son, do it for the generations,
Do it for HaShem
Do it to mend.
I have suffered enough.

Dear son do it for everyone
Do not be someone; be a messenger for The Lrd
Let there be no one who breaks the laws,
Taking  it for himself and his own wealth.

Dear son, do it because of the fathers and mothers
The past and the future, us and them
So only His good will be our benefit
So all His good will be in our merit.

Amen for Amen.

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