Sunday, August 23, 2009

Imagine All the World as Gush Katif, March 2005

Imagine all the World as Gush Katif,
Lyrics by Evelyn Hayes , ©March 21, 2005

Imagine all the world as Gush Katif,
Gan Eden everywhere.
No golus around us,
Miracles surround us.
Imagine all the people
living as the sages did.

Imagine the Jewish nation
Unified once more.
No more pogroms or jihad.
Just Hashem, One Lrd.
Imagine all the peoples,
in peaceful harmony.

Imagine! Gush Katif redeemed,
Jews back from Egypt and Yemen,
Iraq and Iran, Syria and Lebanon,
to the kingdom that was Solomon's.
Barren land fertile once more,
by the Jews restored.

Imagine no imperialists,
Imagine no politics.
No more easements, no appeasements.
The way it was willed to be:
Imagine Jewish people
at peace in their homeland…

Imagine all the world like Gush Katif,
such a light for all nations,
No more rockets, no grenades...
truth not lies, love not hate, plowshares not war,
Imagine all the world as Gush Katif,
not divested of Gush Katif. (repeat at end)

You may say this is a dream,
Bounty in a desert? Jews where Jews were rid?
But Gush Katif is a reality.
Hope some day there'll be
Such a place for every race
and peace and justice for all mankind.

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