Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Presenting is Defending the Real Israel"

"Presenting is Defending the Real Israel"
by Evelyn Hayes,
author of The Plague Series because hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.
August 25, 2009

It all started with Oslo. It was a dream of Hong Kong in the Middle East. Economics would replace politics. Giving would replace taking. Speaking out and up was shamefully political. Silence would put money in the right pockets and make the warlords rich and satisfied. Jewish Land for Arab Land Expansion became a cure for the Jewish survivors who suffered the pogroms and holocaust.

And the warlords became very rich. Arafat was buying stock and bowling alleys in Manhattan. Saudi Arabia (where the second holy city Medina was Jewish no more because it made peace with the enemy) was buying land in Jewish Israel. All the redeployments were rid of Jews and Christians fled.

Change is the mantra. Change like Medina was taken over by Mohammed. Changing the Middle East by dividing the Ottoman Empire has changed the British Empire into a vassal of its oil richened warlords. Germany changed into Nazi Germany. Iran changed. Iraq changed. Venezuela changed. Sweden is changing. Obama's mantra is change.

Too many are going with the flow. The press prints so much that wrongs rights of Jews, Christians and proud Americans. It, like the UN, ignores the plight of the abused, enslaved, raped, robbed, murdered, no matter what they did to Dan Pearl, cut his head off just like what happened to Jewish King Marwan of Medina who went to peace parley with Mohammed. Too many are afraid to speak out on the campuses, in the Middle East, in the redeployed territories, in Ramallah. Bethlehem, Hebron. It's not politically correct to speak up for what's right, to rock the ropes and unleash the led.

I hear Arabs in the Hebron Hills, tribes scattered around Israel were once Jews, are hidden Jews, would like to be Jews again.

I heard them toot, "Go Home! Go Home!" in English, not Arabic nor Hebrew to those entertaining former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee at the Shepherd Hotel. He was happy that have even these foreign instigators have the right to speak freely in Israel just like in America. I was happy. Most of the guests spoke Hebrew, were homeowners in Israel. Many were here many generations; others returned home after generations. They were comfortable. They were home. Yes, we were home and it felt so good. It felt so good that we were hosting Mike Huckabee a US presidential candidate who visited our settlements, noted the avalanche of illegal Arab building, spoke with Jewish mayors, public officials, rabbis, landowners, Israeli residents, press and guests, spoke, questioned, listened in the real heartland of Israel to real Israelis, real Jews, those dealing with a timeless reality.

He spoke in Beit El where the Jewish forefather Yaakov fought with the threatening angel and became Israel, where he said yes to Hashem, His inheritance, His mission, His midos. His mandate.
The press advocated against Jewish natural growth as they snapped the background of Arab unnatural growth, the massive avalanche of windowless buildings down the slopes almost until the gates of the ancient and renewed Jewish places. They asked the posed questions and ignored the harsh facts.

The Jewish Bible is alive in Israel. Mount Greisim is still green and Mount Eval is still bare. You can feel our ancestors as role models not only teaching but also protecting. So many scuds at Tel Aviv and almost no injuries. But the Gush Katif, reclaimed and re-vitalized by the Jews, Jewish since the time of King Solomon and before, at the time of Yisrael Ben Moshe of Najara and before, at the time of the blood libel when they killed and said the killed Jews killed at the time of the 1929 massacres and again after 1967 was checked off the Jewish map by a wrong turn. Now Jews are gone; their Arab workers still call for jobs, but all that is left is now barren and a site of war.

The Jewish Bible is alive in Hebron, Judea, everywhere in Jerusalem, Shiloh, Ir David, Shomron, Gamla, Golan, Katrin. They say it's the occupation but they massacred in 1929 before the state. It wasn't a religious war because Haj Al Husseini demanded his castle be built even if it was on an Arab cemetery. It wasn't a religious war because it believed in destruction and extermination of man, woman, child, infant, mutilation and incineration, destruction of Gd's creations. As Iran dallies in nukes, it dallies in destruction as well as freedom denying. Iran is fighting its people and their right to life, liberty and happiness.

The jihad thugdoms are not criticized by the united nations of hate. They present themselves as those with the rights, the wronged as they wrong from Kenya to Mumbai, Sudan to Venezuela, on all the continents. The people cower. There is a silence like after the human bomb went off at Sbarro's in August 2001. There is a silence like before the Holocaust.

As the one-faced cult of liberals from across the globe, illiberal to the Jews, Christians, Americanism, Gd, religions, individualism shout change. Say no. Israel gave wisdom, kindness, morality and law to the world. America gave a haven of liberty, charity, wealth and education . America welcomes the wanderer into its new land. Old Israel welcomes home its Jewish wanderers who had centuries of uneasy sojourns in foreign lands. Saudi Arabia has so much oil and its people are deprived. Israel cares so much. $100,000,000 worth of produce came from agriculturally creative Gush Katif and, sadly, without its Jews, Gush Katif is barren. Gaza tunnels in arms for mass destruction from 1000s of tunnels maintained by jihad thugdoms.

Israel, be proud. Defend yourself.

The whole world, attacking Israel will bring a change, sharia law, lawlessness, no freedom, pirates and plundering. Tiny truncated Israel, giving land is not for the sake of peace. It has brought back hate, horrors and death.

Denying oneself, Israel is denied.

Affirmation is the answer. Remember Yosef so the world will remember the Jews bought Schem, Hebron, the Temple Mount and their ancient presence is the aroma of every inch of land and air. Affirmation will bring strength, health, peace.

The security walls that mangle Eretz Hakodesh will disintegrate.

Israel sacrificing to the idol of peace and challenging lies is pawning peace.
Israel presenting is defending itself.

Study Torah and history, Jewish law and morality; such are the pathways to geulah, the good world.

Teach. Presenting the truth is defending the real Israel. It is a light for nations.

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