Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ponzi Politics, Ponzi Press

by Evelyn Hayes,
author of The Plague Series because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.
(c)January 1, 2009

With gusto they avoid the truth
favor the uncouth;
And as untruth gets bolder and bolder,
lies set the world on fire.

From Kenya to Mumbai,
From the London underground to the Madrid airport.
From Sbarro to 911
From Peace Now to War Now,
from the Gush Katif expulsion, the Lebanon delusion, the Gaza illusion,
it wasn't a realistic roadmap, just PONZI POLITICS!.

Wasn't it just yesterday, that there were gardens in Gaza, plowshares not weapons,
where the Jews belonged- there since the time of Solomon, more? Gush Katif, a palatial relief.
Wasn't it just yesterday, that there were Jews in a Jewish owned Beit Shalom
on Worshippers Way in 20% Oslo allotted Jewish Hebron?
Hebron, a Jewish ancestral Biblically documented Jewish inheritance since the time of Abraham.
But PONZI POLITICS swiped them out and let barrenness birth terrorism for all.
Jihad supported in Gan Eden made excuses for hell everywhere,
to let evil sting, fling, murder, massacre worldwide.
From the birthplace of civilization
PONZI POLITICS favors an ending with prime-evil war.
PONZI POLITICS is dumb to bombs, bullets,
grads raining down on kindergartens, hospitals, supermarkets, homes,
accepts a coward's war against those cowed in PONZI POLITICS,
too social to stop the anti-Zionists
who are anti all independent nations, their master plan - world capitulation.
PONZI POLITICS is a partnership of "It Isn't, Wasn't, Won't" without sobriety; favoring notoriety.

Remember there were Jews in Gaza before 1929 and before and before
Remember there were Jews in Hebron before 1929, 4000 years or more.
Remember there were Jews in Israel,
and there were the imperialist Arabs, British, Romans, Greeks, Philistines, Persians, Babylonians.
Remember Jewish Jerusalem, Hebron, Beis Lechem, Beit El, Shiloh, Itamar, Galilee, Golan,
now under question in PONZI POLITICS, a rip-off plan to bring down the world,
using false for false,
using fiction for friction.
Remember Sir Herbert Samuels who made a terrorist a statesman.
This terrorist, Haj al Husseini partnered with Hitler to annihilate the Jews in a world war against all.
Arafat the Palestinian was from the Husseini clan; Abdul Rauf el Codbi al Husseini, an Egyptian.
Abbas is from the terrorist scam, a moderate or a manipulative?

HAMAS is using Real War while the rest of the world is using PONZI POLITICS
a new world order, change to disarrange.
Understand pity for the pundits is sacrifice of the wonderful.

A PONZI scheme robbed the banks
A PONZI scheme made off with many deposits.
A PONZI scheme will bankrupt those taxing everything left to support everything bereft
A PONZI scheme is ink lead and read as if there is truth in the flailing, failing NYTimes?

Israel has finally gained consciousness,
couldn't take it anymore
A Palestinian girl who lost her four year old sister put the blame where the blame belongs, on HAMAS
The Arab unemployed because Gush Katif was destroyed with PONZI POLITICS
are in jihad now to feed their kids and stay alive in the land in the business of hate and devious death;
using imported weapons in a deadly economics for deprivation by decadent appreciation -
What a way to make money to support war - in a PONZI POLITICS of make believe peace.

PONZI POLITICS silences the masses posing as the multitudes, the in-crowd taking out,
making questioning seem rude.
Shrewd trick that is a global scam.
Compromise, you lose.

gain consciousness,
turn on the lights
and celebrate Chanukah, too,
a battle to spread insight,
negate blindness,
rally a righteous creed against greed.
Let a new world order not disorder.
Let wisdom, humanity and responsibility govern this New Year
distortions and abortions of truth, justice and life,

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