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The Bedouin Jew, August 28, 2005

"The Bedouin Jew"
Written from a child's view after visiting a tent city of displaced Jews from Alei Sinai, Gush Katif
(c) August 28, 2005
I don't have an address anymore. I don't have a door.
I don't have my house, my decorated walls.
I don't have my bed, my pillow, my toys.
I'm not who I used to be such a short time ago, normal days, so long gone.
I can't go back. It is so unreal.

I'm homeless from an "unnatural" disaster, expulsion from the house my parents built. No place for me....
The toilet is now an outhouse, the shower a hose.
The floor is mats on a sand parking lot.
I'm homeless, a Bedouin Jew, not by chance,
but by a ruthless forcing,
scapegoating me, a settled, loving child Jew from an innocent hard working family.

I'm abused more as they blame me after all they did to me ...
Kids with houses taunt me because we said, "NO", to our soldiers who cried, "No, Oh, No." too, because we said, "NO", to their commanders who could not say yes to us because they would lose their pensions and suffer, too, because we said, "No" with our Knesset Members who were fired because they said, "No, NO, too."

Kids taunt me because we live in tents as if to seek sympathy and don't let us use their playgrounds.Kids taunt me because a few people came and made a little fuss against such a big bust by a storm of troopers thrusting us and our homes apart without delay of even finding us a place to stay.

Such an army never stopped the rockets,
just me, 9000 Jewish me's---
and, dead Jews, too, were not left to rest in peace.
We watched the bulldozers come, the monster cranes...
They smashed my house, so beautiful and strong, a house of so much love and comfort, family and good energy.
And the red tile roofs were shattered, and the light bulbs splattered;

So much broken glass, broken plaster, toilets, bathtubs, cabinets, closets hanging on a hinge on mounds of ground of all that was mine, uprooted, grinding me inside and dashing all the miracles that made barren sand dunes a lush, plush Gush Katif for Jews returned after the Egyptian invasion, exiles from Arab lands, Yamit, Holocaust, Inquisition, Crusades, Roman rampage.

I left the sprinklers on to keep our garden green, but they broke the pipes, ripped the wires; Undone is all we did.

To the TV crews that watched us bashed, we are now a forgotten class.
Now I am a child who is a broken house,
whose father is a wounded soldier for his country now fighting us.
How did losers voted out make our winners wipe us out
and destroy Jewish history,
everything with such brutal inhumanity.

Don't pity me.

I pity you who know not what you trashed and your undoing crooked deals cashing in on our worth for casinos to launder terrorists' cash.

What plagues you unleashed - earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, droughts, famines, locusts, disease, fires in Portugal and Spain, floods in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Rumania, so many plane crashes, Hurricane Katrina, more...
What raging tears Gd unleashed to spread the pain of Jews unfelt!!!!
He made hundreds of thousands homeless, too.

Still, the darkest plagues are human-made: depravity, slavery, lies, hate, inhumanity, brutality, stabbings, rockets, riots, stampedes, suicide jihad, war.
Beasts. Beasts. Beasts.
My dog understands.

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