Monday, August 24, 2009

Freezing Settlements While Ignoring the Avalanche

"Freezing Settlements while Ignoring the Avalanche" by Evelyn Hayes
August 23, 2009
Can you imagine that Jews should be denied natural growth?
Can you imagine that Jews cannot build on land they own, bought and re-bought?
Can you imagine that an illegal squatter on Jewish owned land can use the property and be a favored entity while the true owner told to go home by foreigners who do not speak Hebrew or Arabic?

Freezing settlement growth is a major liability. It unbalances the truth and the consequences are an invalidation of Jewish rights, hard won rights from the time of anti-Jew laws and ghetto realities.

Can you imagine Jews are being booted in their own land by their own public officials too afraid to complain, bowing to Obama whose Columbia U teacher was Egyptian Ed Said who lied that he was a native of Palestine and threw rocks at the Jews from Lebanon?
Can you imagine how many illegal houses go up in the redeployed areas? Remember it was Jericho and Gaza first, a trial that didn't work.
How big is Ramallah? How massive is Bethlehem from where the Christians fled because of Oslo.
Depopulated of Christians its windowless houses are changing Old Bethlehem to a cement avalanche.
Take out the aerial photographs of the surrendered territories and gasp, 1993 to 2009. GASP.
Is there enough water and power for the thousands and tens of thousands of houses?
If the Christians have fled, who is taking their places?
Do you believe they are legitimately in Israel?
I remember Arafat saying, so we build 40,000 and they take down 30,000, we still grow by 10,000. These windowless mud cities are an avalanche over all the Jewish neighborhoods, hovering over all the by-pass roads, multiplying the facts on the ground while Israel freezes itself, changing the facts and negotiation status.
Freezing unnatural growth of the Palestinian Dictatorship would be a peace attempt.
Freezing natural growth of Jews in their native land is an outrageous crime.
Disregarding the holy remnants of Jewish holy places and historical archaeology is a crime.
The constant Arab expansion on Jewish owned land is a violation of Jewish rights. Freezing Settlements is a Crime against the Jews and the charities that purchased land in Jewish Palestine by even those murdered in the Holocaust; it would be negating their last legacy. This was the way for the pogromed and murdered to stay alive by keeping Israel alive for those burnt in the ovens of hell.
Say NO to the hellish vision of freezing natural growth of Jews.
Say no to the avalanche, an infrastructure of nonstop PLO building to oust Israel from its country that is only 22% of its Balfour and League of Nations approved mandate.
Israel from east to west, from Tulkaren to Netanya can be walked in less than four hours and still it is full of Arabs walking the streets, buying the Galillee, using the hospitals, being the doctors, benefiting from the welfare systems. learning in the universities, riding the buses, driving the buses.

There is no apartheid here. Just stand on Jaffa Road and take an hour full of pictures. Gasp at the blood libel of Carter. There is no apartheid here.

Saying no to the new prejudice will say yes to the oldest people with the oldest rights.
Saying no to the blood libels will keep Jewish blood warm and alive.
Saying no to the mass attack on Israel will minimize the power of the bullies and save the 6,000,000 in Israel under attack again.

Please let us replace the losses of lives and land, the Jewish descendants and His inheritance to them.

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