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Hard Labor. They Attack our Children Again

"Hard Labor; They Attack our Children Again,"
by Evelyn Hayes, author of The Plague Series,
because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable
Rosh Chodesh Av
July 22, 2009

The Jews chose His Higher Laws.
Abraham chose to be unlike every other nation
and he had followers out of the hell of Sodom and Gemorrah,
the crematories of Europe, the politics of appeasement, the turnspeak of unsettlement
He chose HASHEM, the Creator, and bereishit, it was good and better and better.
Today it is very, very good,
except for many who choose J Street, the junk, the idols,
the jihad against themselves.
What perfidy, that J street calls itself mainstream when it applauds the slaughter of kids again,
the stripping of sanity for sin,
the stripping of our children of their G-d given inheritance,
the immorality of treating Jews like an un-nation,,
without a country, without human and basic rights of life, liberty and property,
hiding truth in the breaches of overstuffed pockets buying a big hole,
annihilation, nothingness.

As those who leave out sing, "Imagine", no GD, no religions, no nations, living for today,
it is natural that unnaturally they become like all the other nations
which chose the lower law, themselves.
Like Korach, we know, they will suffer the consequences of their made-off mania
and won't get away with it.
It's all in the parashas, the book of true government and humanity.
They bashed our kids in Vilna, bombed them on the Altalena,
broke their houses in Gush Katif,
expelled them who had the will to live and die for truth, justice and good.
As we live in Jerusalem
we must live for Jerusalem
united with all the victims and all their survivors, settled and settling
and, we will survive the bashing of settlements
and settle more because the opposite of settlement is war, destruction, death.

They duped the people into complacency, for the road map,
the low road that took the bullets of those who they gunned for
and as they chase our children out of the plains of Avraham, the fields of David,
the hills of Judea, the mountain tops of the Shomron,
corrupting the message of Gamla,
denying the kingdom of Solomon, the holy ancient land blossoming
for our eternal blessed people recognized in spite of those
who would only recognize themselves and stuff their pockets with the imperialist subsidies
of the day, subtracting their guilt by making all the Jews guilty again.

Don't we still look up to those who looked up to HASHEM
even from the gallows, the showers of death.
We bless Rabbi Akiva, light Chanukah candles, praise Esther and Mordechai.
We wear their costumes, our true clothes,
while the Made-Off and Ponzi politicians wear the clothes of their killers
and bend their necks down to be broken,
sell their hearts to be shredded,
give their hands to be disarmed and shamed
because they thought they belonged to the J street
and swallowed the junk of jihad. licked their spit, straddled in their hate,
still hated.

Hard Labor is the pneumonia of those who breathe the death wishes of their worst friends; fiends.

Bless our sons and daughters, the gifts of Hashem, who accept His gifts even with their life
because they are one with the everlasting victorious,
the Jews who never die, lived for their legacy and kept it going
while the imperialistic Babylonians, Persians, Romans, Greeks, Germans, Communists,
British, Edomites, jihad
are flittering in the wind of the emptiness, the tunnels of their banalities and bombs,
the vomit of their me-idiocies.

Bless our hilltop kids, the partisans, the life of our lives that keep building,
creating in the image of our Creator.
Hard Labor may throw its daggers, design its indignities,
but Korach cannot win against such koach,
the koach of our kids, His inheritors, who believe in a higher truth,
not a roadmap of the made-offs, the bow-tied crooks,
the imperialists imploding as if they owned the world,
blaming the victims as they victimize,
stooges, for their own enemies.
Hard Labor, they attack our children who we bore and who carry us to victory,
our namesakes for His Sake.
Hard Labor would make an abortion.

Love rallies time against crime.
Don't forget to put salt on your challah this Shabbos
while they drive on the “bye-roads”, crashing with themselves and the civilized.

Knowledge of G-d is Power, Service of G-d guarantees eternity.
Long live Jerusalem. Forever Israel.
Motherhood is a labor of love, eternally making for Our Maker.

What a marriage, the Jew and G-d
divorced from all those with hearts softened to accept the unacceptable
whose lives would divide for those who idolize the death cult,
their arteries clogged with all the profanities against truth.
Keep loving our children; they are settlers, good and giving, creating and building.
Remember the staff and the almond blossoms
and there are so many almond trees
always a blossom for our being Jews in Eretz Hakodesh.

And Gd commanded, go and settle the land I give you, and multiply.
Let there be unnatural growth, like promised,
like the sands of the land and the stars of the heavens
because it is only promising for the world
when our children are the inheritors
in our promised land.

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