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The Akeida of Israel

The Akeida of Israel.
Is de-jewvenation de-settlement and contrary to the peace plan of Yitzchak and Hashem?by Evelyn HayesAugust 12, 2009 We read in Lech Lecha and Toldos about covenants and broken vows, that Avraham took the easy way out and made an oath with an un-nation of foreign invaders.

If an oath is broken by one, it is broken for both sides, null and void.

Avraham was given Eretz Hakodesh by Hashem. He was told to cease wandering, to settle and multiply. Hashem was very angry with the appeasement oath giving away His gift. The un-nation wanted more than the oath, more than land. The un-nation wanted power, subserviance, dhimmis and destruction. It was not a peace oath; it was an oath for an easement to the detriment of the supplier who would receive a reduced and indefensible position in return leading to a final dissolution. Thus, the oath was null and void.
When it came time to renegotiate the oath with Yitzvkak, Yitzchak had a dream. "Be Strong" was the message of Hashem. When the leader of the un-nation came to re-instate the broken oath which he had violated, Yitzchak gave him hospitality, not the renewal of the oath that was violated. He gave wine and dine and in the morning good-bye. He did not sign.
There have been very many appeasement acts resulting in de-jewvenation. Making Haj al Husseini a peace partner got massacres and a partnership with Hitler. Considering the anti-settlerisms of Britain, remember they failed as Guardian of the Balfour Mandate, 6,000,000 European Jews died. So many were massacred in Israel and removed from their settlements. Making an Oslo Peace with a pan-Islamic terrorist Arafat did not get peace but terrorism and death of innocent men, women, children, infants and even to the unborn. Null and Void are Oslo 1 and 2. And the road map just went into the ditches again in Bethlehem, the City of Love from where 80% of the Christians have fled. The City of Love at a Jihad conference ranted hate, War not Peace, Death to the Jews for their appeasement, oaths, benefits. The conference reaffirmed its final dissolution agenda and appointed murderers Bargouti and Dahlan, and Jabril Rajoub, a thief as statesmen. Their positions are unpositions and are opposite of the Torah values, the basic Noahide laws for civilization and survival.

The Torah teaches peace; plans broken map a road for disorder for an agenda of war.

As the Disengagement and Expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif left a wasteland, the people and homes as well as the industry, the produce and machinery were also for destroyed and not used for the betterment of the poor Gazans. Their effendis expanded their castles and tunneled in a further contingency who are coming from the Al Qaida of Iraq, Iran, Syria and worse, infiltrating and stockpiling the coffers of the "jihad thugdom," again. They made a war zone, turned plowshares into missiles. Any notion of peace is a fraud. Anyone condemning Israel is contorting and turn-speaking the definitions of civilization. Choosing to be sacrificed to so many broken attempts at a one-sided peace is choosing defeat. No for sixteen years is definitely, "NO!" So? Let our people learn! The Akeida of Israel must not be an option. Hashem has revealed the enemy and the broken oaths over and over again. As Yitzchak learned the lesson of appeasement and dreamed of strength, let Israel not fail and succumb to the false enticements of the enemy and those that would also sacrifice it. Let Israel not release the enemies of peace who have killed, planned to kill and will kill again. The easy way of appeasement is too hard. Israel, the Jewish holy land, an inheritance and a light for all nations must unite and solidify. Self-affirmation, Re-establishment and Re-settlement are the lessons of a broken oath. It one side broke it for 16 years, not only is it null and void, it's continuance is a violation that continues the dissolution process spreading the viability of lies and accepting defeat. As Hashem was angry at the oath, Yitzchak did not reinstate the broken oath. As Hashem has allowed destruction and death because of the Oslo lie, the Peace fraud, let there not be any greater sacrifice of Eretz Hakodesh, the Jewish people, their lives and world peace. An enemy constantly chanting a final dissolution with a leadership of murderers and criminals teaching hate and acting jihad is not and never was a peace partner. Israel must validate itself with its truths that are self evident. Chazak. Chazak. Chazak.

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