Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Parasha Poetry BALAK, Blessings and Curses By Evelyn Haies

Parasha Poetry BALAK, Blessings and Curses
By Evelyn  Haies
©June 29, 2015, Revised July 7 2016
“He had told you. O man, what is good and what HASHEM seeks for you; only the performance of justice, the love of kindness, and walking humbly with your GD.
King of Moab, Balak saw what the Israelites did to the Amorites and was afraid
He sent for Balaam, Prophet of the Nations, to curse them and make them fade.
Gd said to him, “You shall not curse the people for it is blessed.”
Balak saw Balaam cursed him instead.

“Those who bless him are blessed,
Those who curse him are accursed.”

The Prophet of Nations, Balaam saw even the donkey hawed
He was halted by the angel with a sword.
Would the blessed nation be lost by falling to sin
Would they be cursed by seducing their leaders to violate His din.

Wicked people start out in a blaze of glory
But get more evil and end their story
Righteous begin with hardships
In the end they will overcome by worship.

Israel is like a lion amidst flocks of sheep
When they are righteous The Protector doesn’t sleep
When they are unjust the Lord is unkind.
Remember, justice, kindness, humility keep enemies behind.

“Those who are with HASHEM are blessed,
Those who leave the derech are accursed.”

It’s all a matter of mathematics of One or Zero.
Anything multiplied by zero nothing is zero.
One is the number for survival. One is HASHEM.
Yud times Yud is the hand of HASHEM.

Yosef united his brothers and became ambassador of the whole world.
Moshe united the Jews with the Torah and liberty was unfurled.
Avraham chose HASHEM and not the evil of the multitudes
it is time to reject nations that challenge the natural growth of the Jews with their negating attitudes

Learn from Balak and Balaam,
David’s tehillim and keep calm
Heaven above only goodness loves
When He is our beloved, peace He bestows.


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