Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PINCHAS : Sin and Salvation by Evelyn Hayes

Suicide is NOT an Answer
By Evelyn Hayes
© July 5, 2015, Parasha Pinchas

HIS first nation is an elevation
Lech Lecha, choosing good and not evil
HIS anger is a result of desecration
Bila’am seduced HIS people to stray from HASHEM’S will.

Challenged again and again:
Moshe’s return delayed, the false meraglim
Misleaders hoaxed and coaxed to fool the men.
The right way wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

HIS first nation was swayed from HIS path
And suffered disorientation and plague.
24,000 died from GOD’S wrath.
The devoted Pinchas understood HIS rage.

HIS first nation had an inheritance
Gan Eden was heavenly but the snake evoked
A position to which the people needed penitence
A position by which HASHEM was provoked.

Freed from slavery, leadership was required;
Passions without restraint were disorderly.
Horrors from wrongs were by uncontrolled desires
The correction by Pinchas was evoked accordingly.

Suicide is not an answer, just part of the disease.
When teshuva is an alternative.
Pinchas like a surgeon eradicated the spiritual treason
His sword of justice was proactive

HIS first nation knew salvation
Keeping decrees, doing mitzvahs, Torah true
Acting in the ways of The Fathers, The Mothers, with affirmation
He who commands HIS flock is the shepherd to pursue

Letting evil rally is a fallacy
Pinchas took the matter by the neck
He rectified the lunacy
And passed the test. Lech Lecha.

Pinchas led the way from hypocrisy, lies and fraud
He capped the slander and put the courts on trial
Misjudgments, condonements without atonement is not what the innocent sought.
Disillusionment is not a reason to quit; the vile are not LORD

Misguided is not cause for guilt
Words kill, so does silencing and silence
With proper guidance HIs Kingdom is built
Pinchas stopped the heresy and violence

Not by courts, rabbis and morality bent
Not by hurling slander and propaganda
Self atonement is an awesome strength
And His world policed for justice for peace is the proper manner. 

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