Wednesday, July 20, 2016

ZEALOUS BECAUSE OF HIS JEALOUSY Vengeance and Peace by Evelyn Hayes

Vengeance and Peace
by Evelyn Hayes
July 6 2015

At a time when hate is rampant
In a world created love for love
A zealot saw the chaos from what HE planned
And struggled to correct for the ONE ABOVE

In the countries there were kings killing kings
Hate in the air, the sea, the land
There were weapons and doings of gruesome things
By hovering bands with heartless brutality from their hands.

At a time when dreams were nightmares
And goriness competed, blood and sword
There was no reason to care and share
Weeping was a howling of earthly disaccord.

A little David saw the goliath of the matter
Considered life and the end of strife
And used a weapon that scattered and splattered
A BOOMERANG, to attack the evil destroying life.

Giving back to those that lacked humanity
Murdering the murderers
The zealot struck at the insanity
And his vengeance was a thunder

The thunderer swept all the bombers apart
The thunderer exploded madmen into silence
And created for now and evermore a new start
Peace, an everlasting alliance with a new reliance.

Relying on the reliable
When one is for all and everyone
Peace is pliable
When all the pieces are for the unity of their sum,

One day one earth one people all together
All day, all the world, all the people, all for everyone
Different complementing and supplementing each other
Each and all, not jealous. Zealots for the Holy One.

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