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Shavuos and the Kidnappers. by Evelyn Haies.

Shavuos and the Kidnappers. 
by Evelyn Haies. June 16 2014.
What does Rachel and Ruth have to do with Josef and David and Solomon and Moshe Rabbeinu and Miriam the tzaddekas?

Rachel was tricked. Her wedding was kidnapped, simcha stolen by her father, rectified and challenged,   She cried for children. Her haftorah is on Rosh Hashanah, a  promise of geula. She cries for us today as kidnappers are all around, kidnapping our boys and even Hafrassat Kallas and RCRF chairs just after Shavuos after having illegally deconstructed and constructed just before Yom Kippur attacking a Rabbi and his learners in Beit Bnei Rachel, the House of Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation formed in 1995 to reclaim Torah values, the midos and Eretz Hakodesh of Ima Rachel and our role models, bought with all RCRF money on May 17, 2001.
Ruth was a Midianite. She became a geress  Her ways became Naomi's ways, Jewish ways, Torah ways. Losing, she gained by making an aliyah by lowering from princess and rising to daughter and ancestress of kings.

Josef an orphan of Rachel was ditched, kidnapped, robbed of his father and family. From prison he rose to become a viceroy and saved the world from famine, forgave his brothers who had done teshuva.

David of Beis Lechem was denied, ordained but chased to be erased and he cried,too in the writings of tehillim, composed as a shepherd in the fields overlooking Rachel's Tomb, which we still cry today, praying today, appealing by today. Yes, there was settlement when David became king and Solomon became king, leaders of, for and with His people, much more than himself, self respecting respected by all human kind. 

Miriam was a child in a world that knew not Josef. She knew divorcing was enforcing more wrongs and saved her brother Moshe who gave us the holy Torah, the book of dos and donts. Thou shall not steal means thou shall not kidnap. Shavuos teaches derech eretz and affirmative action. Not imposing the law is not keeping the Torah, is allowing it to be kidnapped and plaguing, spreading non-compliance and self empowerment against others, a recklessness, darkness, blackness, disengagement from all that is right and righteous. 

Let us keep the Torah and say no to kidnapping. . 

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