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RCRF on BAMIDBAR, Shavuos, Ruth, David HaMelech, Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Making Rachel's Children count-

RCRF on BAMIDBAR, Shavuos, Ruth, David HaMelech, Wednesday, May 20, 2015                            Making Rachel's Children count- reclaiming the foundation and countering with help from the counting the Omer, wisdom of Bamidbar, Shavuos, Rachel Imeinu, Ruth, David  HaMelech.                    
Shalom, this is Evelyn Haies founder and president of the non profit Rachels Children Reclamation Foundation formed 21 years ago to save Rachel's Tomb in BeisLechem where Ima Rachel died “on the way” to show true derech eretz.  Evelyn Haies remembers the miraculous success of the RCRF mission.  We wrote the lyrics, “We Are Rachel’s Children’, did 7 years of writing contests. The RCRF Hachnoses Sefer Torah dedication with over 3000 participants got Kever Rachel open 24/6. Investing $613.000 to purchase adjoining properties got Kever Rachel included in the borders of Jerusalem. RCRF has the contract and cancelled checks. The problem now is to force focus on the sanctity of Torah borders. “By making the Torah central to the nation not only geographically but conceptually, the people would keep Mount Sinai among themselves…” Tribe by tribe is counted from the previous Rosh Hoshanah and positioned about the Tabernacle for unique roles for national destiny. Just as Joseph, first son of Rachel was sold for 5 shekles, it is a ½ shekel each that registers unity. It is national responsibility to control leaders. Victory is “not through armies nor through might but through My Spirit says Hashem” in the Haftorah.
While everyone is busy eating cheesecake, the reality is to go from Bamidbar to Geula. With love of Hashem the Jewish nation will last forever. Ruth, made Naomi’s people her own people. Because of her social correctness, she merited to be grandmother of David Hamelech. Because of David’s faith, zealousness for Hashem’s word, he defeated Goliath, the gladiator of the Philistines aka Palestinians and they became a dead race. As Israel confronts a billion enemies, with its heritage intact, His support will calculate whether the tribes carry His banner.
Can a yeshiva that uses a fraudulent permit to deconstruct RCRF money purchased Beit Bnei Rachel count in any victory?  Can a yeshiva that cements a Sefer Torah into the floor merit Hashem’s approval? Can a yeshiva that throws a Sefer Torah into the street the day before Rosh Hoshanah not be admonished? Can the bullying of women, groups, chopping their refrigerator, discarding their property, destroying the Museum of Aliyah  and Biblical Art be respected? Can a nation of bystanders overcome? They say there are two sides to a story. Yes, there is  good and evil, right and wrong, owners and coveters, givers and takers, investigators and perverters of justice, seekers of truth and those herding with corrupt misleaders. The Haftorah teaches G-d is not merciful to the unrepentant. Seeing arrests of leader after leader, Torah Judaism is insulted. RCRF was never interviewed by Ron Torossian, Elon’s PR man. RCRF was never called in over two years as a witness in the latest court decision attempting to reverse previous ones.  RCRF is a victim of downright wrong. Some are threatened, the majority are silent. RCRF members have been warned their lives are in danger. Hashem will see RCRF uprightness prove a contamination that shames. Let the lesson and punishment come speedily.
We invite you to list yourselves as sponsors of our weekly shiurim in Rachel’s Tomb itself and our weekly radio presentation. Just $1 will count as yes to Rachel Imeinu. Just $18 will support the battle for justice. Please register for life cycle events. You may join weekly sessions since 2003 with Atara Gur, author and Rachel Imeinu scholar on Wednesdays at 11-2pm.  “Poetry to Fix the World” classes with Esther Cameron, editor of Deronda Review are being scheduled. We invite you to host RCRF in Jerusalem and Brooklyn.  Please inquire by emailing or calling 718-648-2610 (or 054-224-2649 mid June). Mail your generous donations to Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Volunteer. Sponsor. Host. We will have a table at the Annual Israel Day Concert in Central Park. Books and DVDs will be available. The Lyrics, “We are Rachel’s Children” were introduced in 1995 at the OU 3 day seminar in Washington DC. The song was played live at the Hebron Concert, in Central Park and is now a DVD filmed live from the dome of Kever Rachel.
Our 21st Annual Commemoration of the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu will be                 Sunday, October 25, 11 MarCheshvan 5776.  The theme is “Not by Rachels Tears Alone”.
Remember, amassing wealth unlawfully degenerates. The shofar sounds for repentance, “awake you sleepers…repent …Remember your Creator….Peer into your souls, improve your ways and your deeds.” Demand justice. Remember,  maintaining the highest standards strengthens our generations, brings respect and world peace. RCRF stands for the midos of Ima Rachel, pride in our ancestral role models. Ima Rachel is remembered 3600 years because of her deeds. Ruth put her Mother in Law Naomi  first. She merited grandson Moshiach. Shaul didn’t put his nation first. Shaul suffered because  he put himself first and rejected  David.
We expect to do a reading of 1998 and 2005 Sefer Torahs on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Thursday, June 18, the birthday and Yahrzeit of Yosef, ben Rachel, the day both were dedicated. You’re invited.
RCRF resestablished facts to connect Jewish roots, identity, righteousness and rights with responsibility and redemption for all.  Teaching the values of old is the key to the future. Remember RCRF has made a difference while those who lie and steal erase, no matter their flatterings.  Remember RCRF, do not be bystanders, react.  The Torah teaches there is good and evil. The difference is self evident. Allowing evil to continue makes more victims, punishes, spreads the plague that killed 24.000 students of Rabbi Akiva and continues to kill.  Delayed justice damages. May we be blessed with a holy  blessed Shavuos.
“G-D rests His presence not in your cheesecake, but giving and in your love for His Torah and righteous unified nation. Ignorance is not bliss. Let counting the omer sanctify.
Info: facebook/ Participate with RCRF so we will see the fulfillment of returning to our borders and the good ideology. Send your generous donations to RCRF 60 West End Ave, Bklyn NY 11235.  Contact, info: facebook/ Call, 718-648-2610
Writing contest deadline is now June 1, 2015. Please write 1. The Rachel in My family? My roots are my identity. 2. My visit to Rachel’s Tomb. 3. The Rachel Story can fix the world. Prizes for each category, individuals and  participating schools. Mail entries and donations to: RCRF 60 West End Ave, Brooklyn NY 11235. RCRF 60 West End Ave, Brooklyn NY 11235.  See  Support Torah values and help  build the midreshet for women, perfect the Museum of Jewish Aliyah and Biblical Art, build our Rachel Tear to remember Jewish victims of war and terrorism, the replica of 1500s Rachel’s Tomb as four columns and a dome, as a chuppah in a Biblical Garden. Know, It is Not by Rachel’s Tears Alone, but acting together, according to His Commandments that merits miracles.

Email: Become an RCRF member for $36. Many events are free or subsidized, Register to host a video presentation on "Harmony".  Make this your charity that fixes the world. Suggest the 2015 Actualist awardee, someone who chose a mission and is accomplishing their dreams. 

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