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A Purim Shpiel against Stealing
by Evelyn Hayes
February 24, 2010

Today there is a very wicked wicked man
who wears a suit and tie
and Abbas is his name, true?
He would unsettle all the Jews
from Old Yaffa to Older Beis Lechem, even Avraham’s Hebron purchased for 1.000.000 shekels,
but they are not to blame, true?.
He says without shame Jewish holy sites are Mohammedan
and Jews should not be accommodated
twisting ancient with a kafiah of denial,
forgetting that Mohammedism stole Medina, too.
(Did you know that?).
His lies are bigger than Arafat's who
was imprisoned in his Mukatta for his
actions in Ramallah and Jenin
and the suicide jihad checks from Saddam to the PA.
His lies are more global than Hitler's
and more unworthy than Haman's and Hamas.
Yes, Arafat gone Abbas is more wicked
but the "Jews" who jihad with Arafacists
to outcast Jews from Judea
forget Jew-dea even when they are not drunk
and even when desert Arabia is raiding with its oily petro euros
and Iran, not the real Persia, threatens nukes.
Oh, vey, with modified memory
some remember what isn't
while some forget what wasn't.
Oh, today, as we remember Esther
and queen our girls
and remember Mordechai and crown our boys
and whirl through all our realities in costume
with the dignity of Samuel who warned Shaul,
and the vision of David who conquered Goliath
and Solomon who gained the world's respect.
Truth is fiction as well as reality.
Bless all the Benyamins who bless Mother Rachel , Matriarch of all the Jews,
because without her there would be no Jewish nation
and an Esther heritage until today.
Curse all the Hamans from Amalek to Haj al Husseini, Hitler, Arafat, Abbas, Ajhamanjihad,
all al Qaida, Hizballah, Hamas, pan-Jihad.
as they would unsettle all the Jews
and call unsettlement peace,
As in Esther's time, remember, it's not just the Jews;
it's the kings, the nations, the religions, the world that is their pan jihad.

Oh today, we are oh, so wonderfully wicked,
noshing Hamantashen – chewing chocolate, feasting on seudas
denying Hamas and Hisballah
who spew hate and rave and war as if they are settled and meriting to have everything Jewish
except the Torah, truth, morality and humane kindness.
Oh, as unholy would dhimmi holy, another booboo-meister,
and as the United Nations, the universities, intellectuals, newsmen, Europeans ignore themselves
as victims and the millions killed from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Sudan and Iran,
bless that the hamentashen has no holes like bagels
because Norwegian lox and salmon can no longer be on the Jewish shopping list in a divestment boomerang.

Just say yes to whatever they say yes to because first in is in and the last to call
to steal Jewish settlements unsettles.
And furthermore, alphabetically as well as chronologically, Jew comes before Jihad -
and, the lesson is don't reel from the steal,
keep the Purim shpiel and confuse the confused.
Persia came before Philistines, the now dead race, also known as Palestinians.

Zachor: the truth is compromise favors evil in disguise
and the wise must dare fight hate, the ruthless, wrath and tell the truth.

Zachor, the megillah and tehillim with love of Hashem and our fellow Jews and all good men will bring redemption now.

Hooray, A Purim shpiel against kneeling to big lies and false idols 5770/2010.
by Evelyn Hayes, Author of The Plague Series because Jewish hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.

Hooray, It's Anti-Apartheid Week and 10,000 tons of Israeli apples are being transported into Syria daily. The apples are going one way and the missiles are pointing the other way. Will Syria's Hizballah really target the loyal Druze of Israel? Will Iran's nukes really target the Old City of Jerusalem or Yaffa where Arab friends and foes of Israel mix with the pro-Israel descendants of the Nashahibis replaced to appease a terrorist , the anti-Semitic Husseinis during the British Mandate managing the Balfour Declaration for the Jewish State in Palestine, a break off of the Ottoman Empire, all occupants of Israel, many on the welfare lines on Agron Street where Haj al Husseini let his Jewish architects build him a castle even though it was on, shhuss, an Arab cemetery. Non-Apartheid Israel is such a conglomeration of twisted history and reality and populations, races. religions so that the only apartheid is in the mouths and the minds of the confused or those who would delude. It is not even in the foreign gangs shouting in English to the Jews speaking ancient Hebrew in Jerusalem, "Go home" when they are in fact in their Jewish homeland.
In reality, Israel is so un-apartheid from the Arab doctors treating Jewish patients to 90% percent Arabs being treated in Alyn hospital in Jerusalem. How many fancy scarved Arab women in Western pants pass the wigged Jewish ladies on Jaffa Road? It is obvious there are many more Arabs in Israel, within and without the green line of Jewish productivity, than there are Jews in so much larger Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan all together. By the way, what has happened to the Coptics in Egypt? I think it's Apartheid II since the next victims of hate are not the Jews who were expelled but the Christians who will have to flee the burning of their churches and themselves in the Middle East. Yes, jihad shot at Coptic Egyptians in apartheid, Jew-rid Egypt while the innocent church goers were celebrating Coptic Christmas in January.
Hooray, the Jews in the Golan are trading with the Syrians, sending apples, while the Iranians are threatening to wipe the Zionists - those who believe in Hashem and Torah Law off the face of the earth and are also threatening to freeze Europe, those dhimmis.too, who unashamedly demand the freezing of Jewish settlements like snowed under Washington DC. I would suggest a dhimmi is someone who is a victim of apartheid and I ask, what of the Christians in Lebanon or is there still this Riviera of the Middle East or is it suffering from those who impose apartheid against the Christians with blue bands at the time of Mohammed and arm against the Jews who wore yellow armbands at the time of Mohammed?
Perhaps I am in the spirit of Purim when truth and lies as well as good and evil get confused and I dare share my clarity for the clouded.
Perhaps, I am in shock by the report on Page 9 of the Wall Street Journal on March 1, that investigative journal which is expounding on the Big Lie that Israel is not Israel and that the burial place bought for the four holy couples four thousand years ago is not a Jewish heritage site even though Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov are buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron as well as Sarah, Rivka and Leah. Remember, Hebron was bought by the Jew Abraham for his Jewish descendants as recorded in the Old Testament for 1,000,000 shekels four thousand years ago while New York was bought for $24 dollars of trinkets some four hundred years ago.
Zachor, remember, the handshake on the Whitehouse Lawn, September 28, 1995. Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin refused to sign Oslo II until the Amendment to recognize 29 Jewish holy sites was included. This document was co-signed by President Bill Clinton.and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat the Egyptian born Palestinian. Hebron, Rachel's Tomb in Beis Lechem also known as Bethlehem, Joseph's Tomb in Schem, Shalom Synagogue in Jericho were to be always under Jewish control. How now is the world, the United Nations, the State Department, the Wall Street Journal shocked that these holy Jewish sites, though omitted from the original heritage list, were reconsidered by the good Jews doing for others what they would do for themselves while forgetting to do for themselves what they would do for others.
Hooray, the Purim story is still in the making. As the world sacrifices itself for the Bigger Lies of Abu Mazan alias Mahmoud Abbas aka Holocaust Denier, the truth is the world would be sacrificing itself, the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Christians, the Hindus, the Buddhists as well as the Wall Street Journal. Remember Dan Pearl, the Jewish American. If the Iranian Haman, whose people would like to revolt even at the cost of their lives. is threatening Europe as well as Israel, isn't it this the same story or megillah as Haman wanting to kill all the Jews and dethrone the Persian king.
The Jew is the scapegoat, the world is the target.
The failure to report the truth and that Jewish holy sites are a Jewish heritage is a failure to protect all the foundations of civilization. Accepting a Big Lie against the oldest nation is accepting the dhimmification of all the nations. As communism expounds a nation like all other nations which in effect is one nation state, remember, it is Judaism that is profound in its fundamentals of creation of all the nations and that Torah law is the basis for civilization, good, life, morality, peace, freedom and individuality. As jihad fundamentalists attack India and Sudan, Lebanon and western cities, destruction is their manifesto and death to the dhimmis and their own brothers and sisters. If you are stoned, you would know this and not follow the path of stoners, bombers, murderers.
Hooray, as the Wall Street Journal reports hear-say, the truth is nearer because the denial of the basics of Judaism is such a crash marketing all civilizations. Remember, it was Yaakov's son Joseph buried in Schem which they call Nablus, who saved Egypt from famine. Remember, it is his wife Rachel, Joseph's mother, buried in Beis Lechem, the house of bread, yes, Jewish challah, family, motherhood and love who represents the Jewish stature of liberty, life, legacy who welcomes her Jewish children home from all the diasporas and genociders. Mother Rachel was buried on the way, in Israel, to be in the way, to show the way, love not hate, truth not friction.
Hooray, if you are reading this article in The Wall Street Journal or Washington Post, you are getting the truth about love in Israel. Such acceptance of others, self sacrifice is a light for nations. Without light the shadows of jihad apartheid will crash into war because teaching hate, killing civilians, women and children, in churches and Mumbai is a weapon to disinherit abusing the weak, frightening the frightened, that brings tears but will fail as all tyrannies have. The Old Testament presents creation and good, laws for order.
Let there be light, truth and longevity, not a new world disorder.

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