Thursday, November 26, 2009

Of Definitions and Alterations - Consider what we have to be thankful for and not reject it.

Of Definitions and Alterations - Consider what we have to be thankful for and not reject it.
By Evelyn Hayes, author of The Plague Series because Jewish hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.
Vayeitzi 5770/Thanksgiving 2009

As defined in Webster’s Dictionary, © 1989, a Jew is a member of the worldwide Semitic group who claim descent from Avraham and whose religion is Judaism, a descendant of Jacob an Israelite, a member of the Hebrew tribe of Judah, an inhabitant of the Ancient Kingdom of Judah. After being led from Egyptian slavery, they settled on both sides of the Jordan (1000BCE). They suffered the Philistine invasion, foreign occupations, scatterings and genocides and finally re-established themselves in their homeland with the blessings of Balfour, The League of Nations and the UN. As defined in Webster’s Dictionary, © 1989, alter means to make different, modify, change. Liberal is defined as giving freely, giving more than necessary or usual, beyond the merely professional and technical, progressive rather than conservative. Considering the centuries of suffering of the Jews and finally the rectification and return of the scattered remnants to their homeland never un-occupied by Jews and always in their prayers, the mantra for change in a world chanting anti-Semitism again, consider “change” as a revolution to liberalize the Nation of Israel and continue the fiend’s dissolution and make Israel rid of Jews. The world has taken the liberty to redefine Israel and Judea as Palestine, rename the Bedouins and Arabs of many lands as the Philistines, the dead defeated race, but as pan-Jihad a revival of the invaders and occupiers for the purpose of expelling the Jews again, replacing the Jews with an altered un-nation of many lands. Considering the motivators, the motivation, the modification, the confrontations and deceitful nullification agenda of today, consider the parasha Vayeitzi, a story of self sacrifice and thanksgiving, a story of the building of a nation, of caring and sharing, of love and morality, of giving and praise. This is a story of creation, development, unification, continuation. Consider that there were two nations in Rivka’s womb. Consider that Laban was of the other nations from which Yaakov walked away. Consider the kiss of Laban for love of his daughters and grandchildren. Consider the separation. Consider the words of G-d for His people, a future from His promise. Consider the failure to heed the inheritance and, thus, forsake the mandate. Consider changing definitions and allowing an un-nation unified by lies, hate and destruction, a death cult to alter a world of truth, love and creation, a life force. Reconsider definitions, facts and the consequences of taking, making off, alterations and unmaking as curses. Consider the blessings as the daughters of Laban who chose to walk away with husband Yaakov from the slavery under Laban, of the establishment of a Torah nation and Torah borders. Consider the blessings of love and family, of law and order today, of giving and thanksgiving. Consider conserving the United Nation of Israel not changing and dividing. Consider preserving not appeasing and altering. Consider Israel, the children, the grandchildren, their bequeathed land and that compromise is an alteration of the reality of 4000 years, and that the failure to build in Judea, Samaria and Golan is a reversal of walking away from slavery and the blessings. Remember the past, consider its implications on the present and follow the path of Israel away from the controlling, minimizing and destroying Labans into our future as promised by Hashem. Consider what we have to be thankful for and not reject it.

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