Monday, July 21, 2014

Shira B'Shemayim

Lyrics by Evelyn Hayes,
© July 20, 2014
I sing to Hashem because he is in command
I sing as He hurls rockets into the sand
Protecting His people in their holy land.
I sing, He is exalted, Master of War.

I sing to Hashem as He deflects prime-evil.
I sing as He battles for wrong’s  upheaval
Pressuring terrorists to tremble by a twist of His wrist
I sing; He is author and architect of peace.

His right hand is raised to make Amalek fall
His right hand is raised against violence and brawl
Disabling the fighters against mankind.
His right hand is raised leaving the predators behind.

His right hand is raised blowing rockets apart
Impeding the attackers, crashing them down
His right hand embraces the frightened children with His heart
His right hand beckons, inspires, uplifts.

Sing because vengeance is His
Sing because rectification is His
Sing with gratitude for His miracles
His salvation is elevation, blessing, our manifest destination.

We sing to Hashem as He has united His children
The left with the right, the weak with the strong
We sing to Hashem in victory so grand
Because he tossed the villains away with their plans.

We sing to Hashem in His lighting up the heavens
We sing to Hashem, in His glow we are settled
We sing to Hashem in gratitude for His blessings
We sing, winning the ceasing of war. Crying, pained by our losses, keeping His song.

We’re united with Hashem and His highest order
Up from slavery, sacrifice, abuse, misuse,
From hate to love, fear to trust, from liberalism to law,
From evil to good, from death for life, from tunnels for war to gan eden.

We’re united in song, Shira B’Shemayim
No longer despair, Yes, so much emunah
Accepting His edicts, the good He depicts.
We sing to Hashem, our Father in Heaven. He writes the song.

Shira B’Shemayim , Shira B’Shemayim , Shira BShemayim

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