Thursday, February 27, 2014

By Evelyn Hayes,
Author of the Plague Series because their hearts were softened to accept the unacceptable.
© February 24, 2014

I pretended I did not see.
I pretended I did not hear.
I pretended I did not know.
 I pretended I wasn’t there.
I pretended I was not we.

And I saw the bullying, the slandering, the intimidating, the vicious thuggery-
So smug and cruel
Against the rules.

I pretended it wasn’t so bad.
I pretended there was some glad.
I pretended they were right.
I pretended majority means truth -so what if they are uncouth!

And I saw the ruthlessness, the abusiveness, the comradery against their ridiculed.
Shame, I wasn’t a fool:
There was a duel against righteousness.

I pretended as their brazenness got more evil, inconceivable, more provocative, more distasteful, less lawful.

I pretended I was not responsible.
I pretended I was not irresponsible.
I pretended I was innocent Just a bystander
And I saw the sadness from their madness
And I saw the tears from the jeering, jabbing, jabbering, damaging demented actions.
And I saw no smiles nor gladness, just stress and strain, loneliness, loss,
 from such cruelty without restraint.
And when  I thought, “So Shameful” It was too late.

The pain had been too great.
It was too late.
Because of the meanness of those ravaging against correctness,
a royalty for such a comradery created  such dejectedness

And I reflected: I could have interfered
And there would have been another fate
A better act than hate.
But I had failed to react
And I cried, tried to hide that I could have done something.
I could have been a righteous friend
And not let there be such an end to innocence, uniqueness, blessedness, dreams so grand. 
I could have stopped the recklessness, the offensive. Oppressive. Massiveness, divisiveness of a misguided majority 
riding on the power of disempowerment for an unheavenly stake.

If only I had done what I could, what I should have done
Against what I saw, heard, witnessed, knew…
I pretended and now I know I am guilty too.
I would have made a difference if not pretending indifference.

I pretended, but I was aware
And I cared but did nothing
And the victim is now nothing, is no more. Is no more.
I failed the test of reaction, action.
I did not give support. I did not retort. I did not report the crime.
I did not fight for right.
I did not make an alliance against noncompliance, violence, wrong.
I failed the test.

Will I be next? 

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